Light, Dark and the Occulted Egypt


There is mass confusion out there about Ancient Egypt, the history there and what it represents for us… First of all we have been given a bogus history, as Egypt is much older than traditional archaeology and history books would have us believe. Egypt also had many stages, several of which have been occulted, hidden or forgotten. The one in the history books is the most recent one, but there were at least two stages prior to the Egypt we know in mass culture.

I have vivid past life memories of my Egypt lives of which I have had many. Only in one of these lives I actually looked the way people perceive “Egyptians”, Cleopatra style. In several of those lives I was not from Earth, that is, I was a being from a different star system. In many of those lives I had very distressing experiences connected to the demise of a certain chapter of our Earth. Writing a book about all this, so I will not delve further. But let me just say that we are very much now in the process of reclaiming the light that was lost on our planet many moons ago. There was a time in which the pyramids were light and aligned with the highest of mystery schools. During those times they were not made of stone. The stone pyramids were a replacement of light structures, now lost. Much turned to stone that was light…and now much that is stone is being lit up again and re-infused with light, as we gradually close off old dark energetic doorways and open new light orientated ones¬† or re-activate dormant structures, which is has been a great part of my behind the scenes planetary energy work of the past three years.

So, reclaiming the light for this planet, also means reclaiming the light of our history lost and the mystery and power of the symbols and artifacts that have been co-opted and distorted. As we know from our study of mass programming techniques, co-opting and re-routing is something that happens a lot on this planet. Seeds of good and seeds of creation are re-routed to serve other agendas, or at least this has been the trend of the past 15,000/20,000 years. And sometimes, we have to go and fix what was derailed and reclaim it back. As always, we cannot re-enter the same river twice, as the flow of life is constantly changing. It is so, therefore, that “reclaiming” often looks more like rebooting at a higher octave, rich of all of the experience that we have had in the thousands of years that have gone by, plus our current added planetary light. Many old and new souls here with very high consciousness contributing to the opening of new levels of collective consciousness at this time. The tapestry we are weaving is a wonder to behold and Earth 6.0 ( we have been through many re-boots) may soon be our best creation yet.

Sometimes we can bake a beautiful chocolate cake, with fantastic ingredients, but somehow the flavors are too rich and people are not ready for the full expression of that creation. Or maybe people need to taste something pretty bad, before they can truly appreciate a perfect flavor… and so it is, that the beautiful cake recipe gets shelved for a while. And then one day, its time for a great banquet and time to bake again… maybe with some added silver sprinkles and grated Belgian truffles…and the cake is even better than it was before…

And so it is that after great preparation, we, The Earth Collective, prepare once again for a great banquet… the collective energy is ripe again, not only for transformation, but for the download and activation of the full beauty of its being… and one that we will appreciate and understand so much more, because of the steep climb out of a dark well, lasting many cycles… but the time for celebration, if we use our will well,¬† is near…

Until then, we continue to walk our process… until then, we continue our climb upwards, encountering many tests, but also experiencing much reclaiming of memory, knowledge, mystery and revelation…Our Soul knew that this lifetime would be a challenging but memorable journey through bushes of thorns, as we walk to the peak of the mountain… but it also knew that from there we would enjoy mesmerizing vistas… And that the climb would be worth the expansion…

Much love to you all as you walk your on part of this collective path….

May you be blessed with love, abundance and beauty…


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4 Responses to Light, Dark and the Occulted Egypt

  1. J. Thompson says:

    Only discovered your writing a couple of months ago, but hope you will consider writing more frequently. Besides what you have to say, your writing is “mature & professional”. Specific interests, if you’re able to share, more about Earth’s 5th dimension transition.

    • katiegallanti says:

      Thank you. I usually write more, but I have had a very challenging year, with many personal setbacks and losses. My energy has been tied up elsewhere. I have written extensively about the shift, over the years, however, here, in magazines, on my old blog Cosmic Perspectives and on Facebook. Just about to publish a post on the shift in my next newsletter, feel free to request to join using the contact form on contact page if you would like to read it. Much love. Katie.

  2. Randee says:

    Thank you for revealing what I have been searching for my whole life. Answers about what happened in Atlantis and why it fell into the sea. Why the destruction happened. I am just starting on my journey of remembering my role in the events and why I am here today on the earth. THANK YOU HIGH PRIESTESS it is lovely to finally hear from you again. I knew when I heard your Youtube video with Mr. Sylvan that I knew you. Keep fighting the good fight, as I will too. Much love & blessings, Randee

    • katiegallanti says:

      Thank you Randee, glad this post resonated and was helpful and even more glad it guided you to be in touch :-) Its great to have you in my tribe :-)

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