Personal Impact of the Last Pluto-Uranus Square

644033_671445319533437_1075166527_nI was going to write a big article about the Pluto Uranus square and I may get to it by the weekend, we shall see. On the fly, however, a reminder that we are entering the last leg of the Pluto Uranus square that started in 2010, which will be exact on March 16th/17th, at 15 degrees Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn planets between 13-and 17 degrees activated). However this is pretty much a seamless transition from the 6th square of December 15th, which was at 13 Cardinal. For many the square has been active all winter. There may be some surprises for people who have the 15 degrees planets, but the 12, 13 and 14 degrees peeps have been activated for several months now and in fact this is going to be the last swipe for them and by the end of March they may be breathing a sigh of relief after a long four month run of not-fun-at-all wink emoticon

In general, the last Pluto-Uranus square is a cause for celebration. This has been an intense life stripping energy that has stomped on all of our childhood issues and activated all residual karma, both personally and collectively. It has been triggering our stuff left right and center and bringing it to the surface so it can be released once and for all. The process of the past 5 years has not been a gentle one. We have been in the fast spin cycle of a supersonic cosmic washing machine, rinsing us out so thoroughly as to make the whole house vibrate, highlighting all the cracks in the foundation, so we may washed clean and fixed up into the deepest little crevices of our being.

For those that have been through the Pluto-Uranus treatment, it may feel that you have been stripped of all you held dear and tested beyond your ability to withstand. Know that the purpose of this is not to break you, but to heal you. Sometimes one has to break a bone that set wrong, so that it can be set right. Its not pleasant, but it is still healing. The Pluto-Uranus square will strip from you all that is unhealthy or outdated, be it patterns or people, so that you may have the clean slate from which to start anew at a higher vibration, if this is what your Soul requires. For some this may have happened gradually over the past 5 years. For those in the last ten degrees of the cardinal signs and the non cardinals it may not have happened at all. For those with planets in the first 16 degrees of cardinal signs this will have been a time of very deep transformation and some may find that their lives as they knew them are no longer the same. For those in the 12 to 16 degree window, the changes may still be too fresh to fully integrate and understand.

Many of us pathwalkers are and have been downloading some of our highest dimensional bodies during this time. This goes in tandem with the issues clearing, as the more we clear the more we can download. Its a little ironic that the initial step of downloading our highest light may feel quite unpleasant, as the light helps highlight the blockages and places that still needed healing, but this is the way it is during these first stages. The process is one of stops and starts, where light is downloaded, which activates more trauma triggers and blockages; that lead to more clearing, so more light can come in; which activates more of our stuff, that we then can see and clear and so on…. This process of stops and starts continues until we reach a stable point of completion, where the higher dimensional bodies we had agreed to download pre-birth, settle in, in a stable way. And that completion point may be different from Soul to Soul, as we dont all have the same evolutionary goals at onset. We are all here together, but also on our own personal journey.

The process can be unpleasant in places, but our own evolution aside, it is good to remember that we agreed to this, as a group, because the collective activation of a higher dimensional collective Earth reality happens one human energetic body at a time. As each of us shifts, the collective gradually also shifts. Eventually the higher dimensional bodies of humanity and Earth itself can anchor in full. And this is the primary incarnational goal for many of the light holders that chose to embody here as planetary midwives and facilitators during this accelerated window of time. You know who you are and you know if you have planetary contracts and if this applies to you.

The good news is that first wavers and second wavers are now nearing their completion, with first wavers completing end of March and second wavers completing end of June beginning of July. A third wave seem to be completing in the fall, and so on (see articles on my website from last year about first wave and second wave references). This process has been coupled with the Pluto-Uranus square, but is actually technically more linked to a larger galactic cycle. It just so happens that these two cycles are peaking roughly at the same time and I am sure there is no coincidence in that.

On the whole, 2015 seems to be a big year of completions and new beginnings, especially for the older souls, who have been especially tested during the past couple of years, so that they could reach their completions at this time. There is a timetable to this process. The completions and endings have been kind of rough, and for some it may feel like nothing in one’s life is left standing as all the old forms leave to make room for new vibrational lives, but I am being told that much shinier vistas are just around the corner. Summer seems to carry with it the energy of new frequencies, golden and silver light anchoring in full for those parked in the realities of the higher collective consciousness streams.

So lets hang on for another blast of intensity as the last square approaches and then wanes during this month of March/first weeks of April. Remember that this is a huge opportunity for healing and shifting, and one that wont come around in this particular astrological form for several decades, so do your best to embrace the changes rather then fight them. Go with the flow of the wave. As unsettling as the Pluto-Uranus square has been in its intensity, we can be grateful for its vitamix qualities of grinding down our blockages so that we can emerge as the smoothest of smoothies wink emoticon And we can be grateful for all the lessons of karmic completions, personal power, boundaries, and personal change that it has brought with it. I am sure we will be even more grateful in hindsight as we integrate and understand the reasons for all that we have experienced and lived during the past few years, once the new beginnings set in. For now, hold tight and stand in faith …

May you walk in beauty and blessings


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4 Responses to Personal Impact of the Last Pluto-Uranus Square

  1. Alio McDavis says:

    You nailed it Katie.
    Seems like a hurricane has washed everything away and totally new life is sprouting in unrecognizable landscapes.

  2. Lenka says:

    Thank you so much for writing this here. It has brought me some understanding and solace (even though I do not quite get the astrology bit). I have been looking for answers so desperately, as things in my life have indeed reached desperate levels. Last 5 years have been awfully trying, last year “all hell broke lose” and last few months/days have been just unbelievably awful. Does it matter what astrological sign I am in all this?

    • katiegallanti says:

      Yes and no. The square has been going on for everybody at collective level, but its been particularly trying for people with planets in the first half of Cardinal signs 0-15 degrees Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Go to and plug in your data in the Free Horoscopes section and you will get a free chart that will show you where all your planets are (look at the list in the grid below the chart). The good news is that these energies are wrapping up, so if it is because of your personal astrology, you should be getting close to the end of this process. All the best. Katie.

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