The Node, The Timelines and The Two Earths

Two EarthsWe are now approaching the time of the splitting between the two Earths. The decisions made now and the positive or negative soul orientation choices made now, will determine which vibrational version of Earth we will be residing on at the other side of the node, most likely in the next few years.

The node is a point in space time in which all timelines are possible, as a result of a series of vibrational gateways created by energy shifts in the solar galactic cycle. Every so often, cyclically, on the time clock of the galaxy, there is a time in which the Earth timelines open up and the opportunity for a vibrational shift is available for all, both individually and at the collective level. And for the Earth plane herself.

The opportunity for jumping at a higher level vibrationally exists for both the light and the dark polarities of the force. Once on the other side of the node, however, the two polarities will no longer coexist, meaning that, beyond a certain vibrational level, there is a split, and the dark reality goes one way and the light reality goes another. This does not mean that there will be no darkness in the new high vibe Earth and no light in the darker Earth, but that the dominant experience in both realities, will be one or the other, predominantly. Many of us are already blinking in and out of the New Earths, both the light one and dark one, as these two vibrational experiences are both available right now, while the timelines are still conjoined.

Not only are they conjoined, but they alternate almost on a weekly basis as the dominant vibration, as light and dark are almost equivalent in strength at this time, depending on which vibrational group is pulling the strings at any given time.

The paths of light and dark, however, are beginning to separate: the dark is getting darker and the light is getting lighter. And at some point the two realities will stop interacting all together.

This is why so many people right now are going through major testing. And why the ones that are not going through testing are going through completions. We are right in the middle of a major moment of karmic choice, completing lessons,wrapping up the lose threads in our own lives and personal timelines. While we are also faced with choices that determine Soul orientation towards light or dark and the reality that we will be inhabiting as a result of those determinations for many years to come – or lifetimes, if we choose to return to Earth again – as the post-node reality will be in place for thousands of years. It will be many thousands of years before we land on another node. Galactic cycles are very long.

So pay attention to the choices presented to you now and the motivations behind those choices. Make sure to remember that all that glitters is not gold, especially during testing times, where literally we are given a variety of options, some of which are the equivalent of the the initiation/temptation in desert in the Jesus story, in which Jesus was offered all world powers and goods, in exchange for his soul and allegiance. There are choices that lure, but often lure away from where we are trying to go, as this is a time in which we are meant to choose what is higher, and move away from what is lower, and the name of the game is discernment. So watch for the temptations and the discernment tests in your own lives.

This is also a time of completions. As the vibrational Earths separate, so do the people holding the vibrations. Each group of Souls is choosing its own playground and with that, its playmates of matching vibrations. Some people are ready for a higher reality and some still need the lessons that the darker vibrations afford. There is no judgement, just an objective reality of paths separating, lessons completing and much shifting of wheat from chaff. Others are separating just because the karmic story they have been weaving is ultimately complete. And this can be a sad graduation, but a necessary one nevertheless, at times. But know that also soon, new ideas and new opportunities, that are about new beginnings rather than testing will be coming forward and will unfold. However nothing can be seeded until this phase is appropriately completed.

Its important to honor this time, as it is not just a challenging time, but a time we have been working towards for many lifetimes and that will influence just as many to come. We are at the end of a long initiation process intent on our own graduation into vaster consciousness and evolution. And our Souls are now almost ready for harvest and are lives will soon be ripe for the picking.

In the meantime, honor this moment of karmic completion and testing … and embrace with love all the players in your lives, whatever role they may have chosen to play…

And hold yourself in absolute love during the times to come…

Much love


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