The Solar Galactic Field and One’s Personal Shift

InfiniteDNAActivationEvery time a new wave of light reaches the Earth plane, we have a double phenomena. First of all, the new frequencies lift all the stuff that is an energetic match to those frequencies into the air. This often creates a healing crisis both at the physical, psychological and multidimensional level, which manifests as issues to work through or clear. And then once the issues that the light has thrown into the air are resolved and integrated, we get to enjoy the benefits of that light, as it translates into expanded consciousness. Before the next wave comes, beginning the process all over again. And each time, with each new incoming wave, after the initial clearing and shifting, we become a more clear vessel and closer to the expression of our full being. Because ultimately the journey here is one towards becoming a clear vessel that allows for our higher dimensional Soul-Self to manifest in actualized physical form. This is, at the personal level, the journey we are undergoing at this time.

A Time of Shifting and Shedding

The clearing/shifting part of this process is not super pleasant, especially lately, as the waves of light coming in now are much more powerful than a few years ago and they often lift in the air more blockages than we feel we can handle. I know that a lot of people have been feeling pretty overloaded during these last few months. Many relationships and friendships have been tested during this time and for some there has also been a parting of the ways. Do not feel bad about the people you are leaving behind. And if there has been conflict, try to walk away from polarity notions of right and wrong. Know that the current parting of ways is simply happening because you are now growing in different directions and/or growing/shifting at a different speed. All is well, both with you and those that are leaving. We are just moving into a different chapter, a different act of the play. The more we manage to stay neutral and out of judgment, the smoother we will move through these transitions.

Coping with the Intensity and Change

Rapid growth has caused many situations to leave our lives, such as jobs and living environments that are no longer a fit. And while this is more often than not a positive thing, as it is time to shed skins, the personality part of us, the part of us that identifies very strongly with being in a body, sometimes really struggles in handling all the changes. If things get too overwhelming, pull your energy back into self and retreat to some degree to find center and recharge batteries. A bit of self time and peace, which allows the nervous system to simmer down and adjust, and for the inner child to take a breath, seems to be a good way to go at this time.

It is my sense that there are going to be more moments of great intensity, as we move forward in this adventure over the next two years, and that there will be, periodically, in the months to come, an ongoing need for retreat, rest and recuperation. We will alternate between times of shift and times of integration. Finding balance between inward and outward in our relationships with ourselves and with the world is going to be key. The rules of the game are changing and pushing too hard at this time backfires. Honor the need of your body for rest and of your spirit for peace and time for healing, now, and in the months ahead, when needed.

The good news is that we are just about complete with the last phase of integration post triple eclipse and we will be now moving into the phase of actualization, during which we will reap the rewards of the growth that has occurred. Even if at times it may have seemed that we were going backwards, retreading old ground over old issues, under the surface, much growth has been occurring, during which we have been busy clearing up of the last threads of old patterns, old karma and old energy. We are now much readier for the next phases ahead, which require both action and empowerment. I have not looked at the astrology, but I keep getting September and October as a time of strong forward movement and change, both at the personal and collective level.

Positive Shifts within the Collective

As the focus shifts from the personal to the collective once more, remember that we are indeed making much progress as humanity, despite all illusion to the contrary. While we are often being told how human beings are bad and dysfunctional, I am seeing the beginnings of a new renaissance happening here as we speak. A new sense of community and group focus is in the works. A rediscovering of our relationship with the planet; a rediscovery of our relationship with each other, as we beginning to join together to think of the new templates of the world to be; a rediscovery of new ways in which we can enhance our vibration and well being, not only through meditation and clear mind, but also through paying more attention to our bodies, as vehicles that house our light.

Aside from doing the spiritual and psychological work, many are being drawn to detoxing and live raw foods at this time, as, with the increased voltage of the incoming energies, the body vehicle also needs to vibrate higher to accommodate the higher levels of light. If you feel guided to cleanse and detox now, know that there is a good reason for this and make sure to respond to that call.

There are many ways to detox. Choose a gentle way, so as to not overload your already stretched energy systems. Even just adding a lot of water with lemon to your day will help alkalize your body (which is a good start). You can also increase your consumption of raw and live foods. And consider eliminating junk food and sugar as much as you can from your diet. This will help the body detox, so it can handle more light and be ready for the next waves of consciousness pouring in in the fall and winter months. Now is the time to prepare.

A Time for Multidimensional Detox

We have addressed detox of body and spirit. And now we will also address something that is not always fully understood, that is the detox of past life and multidimensional baggage.

As we awaken spiritually, we often first go through shedding the baggage of childhood. After a while though, if our vibration continues to increase, we will begin to activate the Soul bodies, the ones that go beyond the physical experience into the multidimensional.

As the Soul bodies awaken, so does the baggage stored at the Soul level, which also includes a sheath of the DNA which corresponds to the bodies that are being activated (which is ultimately what is meant when people talk about DNA activation and DNA clearing).

The Soul Bodies and the Soul related portions of the DNA sheath contain what is know as the akashic records. From an energy standpoint, the akashic records are nothing but the energetic imprint of all lifetimes lived and experienced by the Soul, stored as energy packages within the multidimensional matrix.

As the light increases and these Soul-aspects are re-awakened, these energy packages will also activate. And with them any trauma or blockage stored within these will also come back online. This is a large part of what is being heightened by the current influx of light: the light is now high enough in consciousness to spontaneously trigger the Soul bodies into awakening. And with these, however, the corresponding baggage also comes online.

This is why it is an important part of this journey, when the time is right and when guided, to address also past life issues and past life clearing, either through energy clearing (removing of stored energetic imprints in the Soul bodies) or via past life regression work. if you are having issues in your life that feel karmic in nature, which usually manifest as relationship issues, mysterious ailments, or sudden dramas, know that you have probably activated a past life bubble. And if you get stuck in it, now is a good time to address those aspect too and to engage in past life detox.

That will be all for now…much love to you all,


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  1. Heather Joy says:

    You wrote this in March, saying Sep & Oct would be a time of strong forward movement and change. You nailed it!
    Also cool.. Synchronicity brought me to your website, and to this article.
    Thank you for your work. xoxo

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