Of Forceful Will, Glamor and Celebrity Ego

309544_2581010049574_1711857309_nYou cannot force the river.
Sometimes the river just needs to flow back to Mombasa …

One of my favorite scenes in one of my favorite movies, Out of Africa, is the one in which, after years of trying to contain the flow of the river, redirecting it so that it would water their fields, the river banks crumble and the river breaks free, returning to its original course and destination. At which point Karen’s wise African assistant says: “This river, M’sad, this river always belonged to Mombasa”.

We cannot go against the natural flow of things. If we do, there are often hidden costs and results of our actions are not long lasting. Going against the natural flow also includes violations of free will. Push your will and you may get temporary results, but often those results decay and fall in time. Even if lifetimes after the fact, pushing the will has a boomerang effect. Even the dark one’s creations eventually crumble, as the chickens of karma always come home to roost.

Many people who were once dark magicians and who held a lot of dark occult power in past lives, often come back plagued by the very entities they summoned in those lives. Some don’t even realize that they have beings hitching rides in their field and distorting their reality with suggestions that lead down blind paths. People who think they are free, but whose freedom is not their own.

Others come back into incarnation having to rectify what they set in motion other lifetimes and need to volunteer to dismantle the very things they aided in creating during other times. Believe it or not, even some of the brightest light warriors were once dark. And some still have sprinkles of that darkness within them that they still need to work out, sprinkles of ego and distorted power drives on an otherwise very good cup cake. Which is why there is such a range of personalities, complete with hidden and not so hidden shadowy bits, even within our movement. One of the tests of the evolutionary path is that of purity in intent and of steering away from the pitfalls of ego/power drives.

Example – The whole celebrity fame consciousness ever growing and ever present in our celebrity worshiping world. As soon as something becomes popular there is a place for “celebrity” in every movement. As humans, I am not sure why, we seem to have a need to worship. Maybe this is an inner homesickness for the transcendent in world that has become overall too secular or too dogmatic. We see sparkles of the transcendent in others, then we seek it, like it and we revere it. The healthy side of this is just seeing the beauty of the Universe reflected in some that channel it with little distortion, such as a talent or insight that expresses. We see it, we admire it, we bow at it, we want more of it – as it feeds us. However best to know that we all have access to that transcendent, and that we ultimately need to go to the source of it and not allow it to just reside in the external idols. We all carry inside a seed of transcendent spark and it is our responsibility to look for it and nurture it, so that we too may shine with purity and may express our creative seed.

However, there are also those that specifically seek the bowing and admiring of others, that comes from expressing their inner spark. be it as a way to boost something that is empty or to feed a low sense of self esteem, or simply for the fun of the boost. There is an energy high that comes when people are on the receiving end of the bowing, and many celebrities and public persons get addicted to that high. Others sense it, seek it and covet it, as it is energy food and to some extent, it does, indeed, fill one up.

In general the seeking of the worship energy and the seeking of admiration and fame are dangerous for development and are a test on the path of evolution. There comes a time, as one evolves, in which one’s inner light expressed and shines to the point that it draws attention. And at this juncture, the Soul will be tested, as to what it does with that attention. Does it see it, but continue on its path undisturbed, or does it make it the new reason for the path? Many fail at this juncture and become fascinated by the fascination they generate in others and are distracted by the effects of their own light. And from here the fall, even if not noticeable to the world, but the inner fall, is inevitable.

Especially for those that misused their power in past lives, this test will come forward in very potent¬† and seductive ways, as the Soul cannot continue to evolve until the distorted relationship to power and self is mastered. The opportunity for such seduction will be very present and the Soul will need to see it and resist the temptation. Does this mean that one cannot reap the rewards of one’s work? No. But, one has to stay humble and true, and continue to move forward, neutral to the glittering lights of the attention and praise they generate. If this lesson is mastered, the rewards will continue, and so will the purity of information coming through the person. And so will the reach of that information, as truth moves and carries forward of its own force. A reminder that is actually the truth and the information that moves the mountains, not the person. The person is just the vehicle that carries the mission forward. And Spirit is grateful to the carriers of mission. And Spirit does reward those that do the work. But it quickly distances from those that fall in the test of Glitter and Shine and succumb to their own self-fascination.

If you notice this is the case with so many people. They start receiving the reward of their work in terms of popularity and glowing feedback and they soon deviate and become other. And soon after, whatever traction they had loses its true power and effectiveness, in exchange for a bad imitation of lackluster powerfulness that does not carry weight nor punch. I am sure each one of us can think of a thousand examples of this in many fields, as it is a pretty standard fare.

So it is wise for us to remember to always to check up on our motivation and what drives us. Are we on mission for ourselves and for our own reward? Or our we on mission with a commitment to carry potent energy of change forward for goals beyond self and gratification? The difference is sometimes a subtle one and its ok sometimes to walk within the blurred lines, as long as eventually one sees and walks back on the proper way to home.

Always keep steady, clear and true.

Much love

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  1. thanks for this piece of wisdom for as an artist I have learned to enjoy my work for my works sake and not the attention and its brought much peace

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