Planetray Cycles and The Reboot of Civilizations

purpleplanet1-2And here we are, once again, at the closing of another year. I am writing this newsletter on a particularly quiet Thanksgiving week, after a few relentlessly busy months, jammed packed with commitments. As I reflect on the closing year and the year ahead, I realize once again that we are living in very intense times. This is not surprising, as we are collectively going through the Pluto-Uranus square. This is the same energy that was at the base of the transformation present in the 60s, but with more tension and intensity. In fact this is the first major aspects that these two planets make since the 60s. And while in the 60s the two planets were in the same sign in Virgo, co-operating towards transformation, they are now in clashing signs (Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries), in a tension aspect with one another, setting the stage for intense and volatile change.

The Shift and the Pluto-Uranus Square

As mentioned above, Pluto is now in Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn, in its challenging manifestation, is authority and power on steroids. It is also carries a “rigid father of the bad kind” energy with it, an embodiment of an old school kind of male energy that is very preserving of the status quo, that wants all the authority and power for itself and who does not want to share it. In the world this is manifesting as intensification of the police state, laws that are too tight and restrictive, corporatocracy gone wild, manipulative and secretive government as well as open or subtle totalitarianism.

As Pluto has entered deeper into Capricorn, the governments of the western world have become more and more controlling. Left unchecked this energy could easily manifest as a dictatorship – overt or covert. I say covert, as the shadow side of Pluto likes the underworld, secrets and manipulation. It is possible to take away freedom without people realizing it at first, if the cage is golden and with lots of cool toys in it. That is, people could very well not realize what is happening to their world, with each incremental tightening of the noose, as long as they have cool phones and apps to play with and lots of fun entertainment.

Luckily the Pluto in Capricorn energy is not here present on its own. It has an opponent: Uranus in Aries. Uranus in Aries is the rebel on fire. Aries is a fire sign and it can be very rash and impulsive. Uranus is a breaker of structures and patterns and in Aries it goes about shattering things without a thought about tomorrow. Uranus in Aries does not like Pluto in Capricorn. It does not like oppressive authority, being boxed in and being told what to do. And it is very happy to get into Pluto in Capricorn’s face and tell it that. So, as Uranus travels into Aries, we have Arab springs, occupy movements, talks of revolution, whistle-blowers galore, truth seekers and truth speakers of all kinds. A host people willing to blow the lid off Pluto In Capricorn’s game. However, Pluto in Capricorn does not like this either and finds other ways to tighten its grip. And there you have the potential for a very charged standoff or confrontation. This is one of the aspects of the dance of the Pluto Uranus square, as it plays out on the world scene.

Uranian Rashness and Plutonian Manipulations

One of the pitfalls on Uranus in Aries is its impulsiveness: blow it up now and think later comes to mind. Uranus in Aries will follow any leader or plan that taps into the energy of “Let’s go topple some tables”. Its motivation is a good one. It wants freedom and change, however it will often not think much of what it’s doing or who it is following to get there. Pluto in Capricorn, the grand manipulator, knows this. And so it sends its own pied pipers, leading the impulsive Uranus in Aries into a ditch.

Pluto in Capricorn does not care what kind of structure it controls, as long as it can control it. So, it is important that we look very carefully at any revolutionary movement or drive that has or can be co-opted and steered into a direction that the current power holders can still control. In general, revolutionary “movements” with revolutionary “leaders” should be very carefully vetted at this time. What the true evolution of this planet calls for is not revolution, by the way, but transformation: we need clear heads and clear plans for creating the next steps and futures of our world. The world we are in definitely needs some changes. Opting out and creating something new by its side seems like a possible way to go.

The Shift and the Galactic-Solar Field

The Pluto-Uranus square is not the only energy working on the planet at this time. In some ways astrological energies as we know them are a local solar system and 3D-world centered phenomena. They tells us about the energetic weather close to the ground, in our localized field, in the lives of mortal men. There are some vaster energies also at play and, if we understand those energies, we can use them, transcend some of that weather and take things to higher ground.

I am referring to the continuous and intensifying energies coming to us from the Solar- Galactic field. I have written several newsletters about the Solar-Galactic Field and made several YouTube videos about it too, that you are welcome to check out. But, summarizing, there are energies that are pulsing from the center of the Galaxy to our Sun and then from our Sun are being transmitted to us here on Earth.These energies have a very “accelerating” effect on both physicality and consciousness. Consciousness is a form of energy and all in the Universe is conscious, including the Sun and the Galaxies, even if this flies very much against our very logical and materialistic dominant world view. There really is not much unconscious matter in our reality. So yes, energy affects consciousness and the galactic pulse has a consciousness enhancing agenda. It is an energy pulse that creates the opportunity for consciousness to rise, for those that are ready and willing.

If people are unwilling, this consciousness rising energy seems to have a very negative effect, as it intensifies patterns so much, that if not dealt with, they start to erupt into one’s life in not so great ways. It’s a time of “evolve or die” initiations. Literally, as it seems in the past this very same Galactic Pulse cleared the decks not just of individuals, but of many unwilling civilizations. I am thinking that it is best to be willing.
It seems that the Galactic Pulse is recurring and cyclical. However unlike the cycles of the planets in our solar system, none of which go beyond 300 years, this Galactic cycle is long and powerful. The jury is out on how many years there are in this cycle, if it be 13,000 or 26,000 or hundreds of thousands. However long this cycle is, this is something that has affected our Earth several times before. And when it has, civilizations have sometimes gone off the map, with new ones re-emerging a few years later, after a big process of reboot and cleanse.

Atlantis, Egypt and the Re-Boot of Civilizations

It seems that we were involved in this kind of galactic cycle when the Atlantean civilization vanished from our world and the Egyptian civilization was born. In some ways, our current western world is the offshoot of that first Egyptian seed. Especially behind closed doors, the ancient rulers of Egypt still reign, albeit in secret and via occult means. In fact, one could say that Pluto in Capricorn is the last attempt of the descendents of Egypt to continue to control the world that they seeded many thousands of years ago. And, contrary to much new age thinking, this Egyptian civilization seed was not a good thing, pretty dark in fact. Much of the current shift is about neutralizing that dark seed, restoring the light and the original codes that were damaged and lost during the Atlantean fall. It is time to seed something new. Its time to reclaim the original blueprints of humanity, so that the new humanity may be born.

So does this mean that our civilization is about to be wiped off the map and re-booted? In some ways. But the re-boot does not need to be a physical one. What needs to change is the energy of this world, its direction and intent. It is time for the direction of this world and of the Pluto in Capricorn rulers that in some ways still hold us hostage, to change. It is time for the underlying principles of life on planet Earth that are aligned with growth, love, life and spiritual maturity in a pervasive and consistent way may come back to life, blossom and bloom. We need to move away from a culture of money, greed and “power over” regardless of human tragedy and cost, towards one in which humanity rules itself and cares for each being within it, in compassion and empowering ways.

The Shift and our Relationship with Power

At the very essence of our current planetary transformation is OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH POWER. On this planet we have a very dysfunctional relationship with power. A fraction of the beings on this planet hold all the power and use it as a means to control, own, rule and dictate the paradigm and the reality that we collectively live, while the majority of others have no power at all. The majority of humanity do not own their reality as sovereign beings and live within a framework that is not of their creation. The few rule the many and the many go along with the program, often because they don’t really know what else to do. The planetary rulers have conditioned the people of the Earth to not own the “sacred power” for thousands of years. Hence we have a Battered Humanity Syndrome playing out at the planetary level, where humanity has been smacked around for so long, it has lost its self esteem and its own sense of identity.On top of that we use power badly between each other, as we mimic the abuse model top down. As above, so below.

Humanity’s Forgotten Identity

Humanity has forgotten, somewhere along the way, its twelfth-dimensionally-stranded DNA nature. It has forgotten its own nature as energetic being that spans many dimensions simultaneously beyond the physical. It has forgotten its own ability to work with reality as energy and its eternal connection to its Soul as a living entity, stemming from Source energy. And it has forgotten its own true history and the many incarnations of its collective being prior to the Altantean fall. It has forgotten its galactic origins and galactic seeding from light-based blueprints of being that precede the colonization of the hidden ones. And it ticks along, at one fraction of the voltage, energy and potential it can embody, with most of its original codes damaged or dormant, in a state of powerless, somnambulism and hypnosis.

As the energies of the Galactic-Solar Field knock yet again at the doors of consciousness, however, the codes are triggered and re-awakened. The sleep is stirred and disturbed and the lights of humanity’s true identity flicker back into being, if yet tentative. The relationship with one’s true being and one’s power come back online. And the journey into the healthy power of the light and into the multidimensional expansion begins. And as that identity and light are restored, gradually, the spell is broken. As we remember the true being and its ability to shift realities, a new collective reality is formed.

It is a time of monumental change. Caterpillars are turning into butterflies, worldwide.

The Shift and Karmic Relationships

On a personal level, this pulse often manifests as major drama as we attempt to clean up karmic tracks and stubborn engrained ways of being that we have been dragging along for many lifetimes. Mirroring the collective story, you may find yourself playing out themes revolving around power, powerlessness, control, abuse, identity, self-esteem, freedom, restriction, limitation, judgment, survival fears, psychic boundary violations and psychic tampering with situations and people in your own life. This is the journey back to self, personal power and personal light that is occurring at the collective level being played out in your own field. Often with people to whom you lost your power before, in past lives, during the time of the fall.

Many relationships at this time are heavily karmic. These relationships and how they are resolved are a part of this process of re-awakening. Know that if you are dealing with crazy-making relationship patterns right now, you are not alone, its epidemic. About 90% of the people that I know right now are dancing in some kind of karmic pattern with another, be it with family members, friends, coworkers or romantic partners. Some of this is a journey of reclaiming pieces that were lost, so your original light may be restored. As each of us engages in this journey and reclaims the lost parts of the self, as well as journeys back into balance through forgiveness and healing, the light is returned to both the self and the whole.

If you find yourself in these kind of dynamics, it is worthwhile exploring your past life and karmic issues with others at this time, as you may find that by doing so 1- You reach some kind of closure with unfinished multi-lifetime business that has been holding you both back for a long time; 2- You may find that in doing so you can call back to yourself parts of your being, energy, DNA and energy that was split off and lost and that you are now ready to re-integrate. 3- You may find that as you do so you clear the decks for the next stage of your life, in which these issues are dealt with and a new harmony and flow returns to all your relationships and to your being, as you integrate your original soul seed into being. This in turn then also helps the collective to integrate its collective soul. Personal work is always collective work, as each of is an atom of the whole and as we heal, so does our collective being. If you are stuck and do not know how to do this alone, find a healer with past life and DNA-work skills that can help you. Sometimes a bit of help can save a lot of strife and a lot of time.

In general it is wise to co-operate with the shift as much as you can at this time. If something crazy is taking place in your life invest time into shifting it, clearing it, dealing with it. Nothing gets to be swept under rugs at this time. The only way to go forward is to deal with things in head on and thorough ways. Ask universe for support and you will get it. As long as you are clear about your intent to grow, you will always get the support you need. Many of you are Souls from other galactic places and dimensions incarnated here at this time, to help unblock the post- Atlantean blockade. If so, you did not come here alone and you have big teams on other levels of reality that are right behind you, even if you have no awareness of them. And these teams have your back. Remember to call on your teams for support as you work through your stuff, at all times.

In closing

Between Pluto-Uranus square and Galactic waves of awakening – there is a lot going on at the moment on planet Earth. Never has being human been more interesting, as we are at the threshold of a fantastic and unprecedented renaissance, if we dare to unshackle, reclaim and unfold into our wholeness. To do so we must be willing to 1-Surrender all that is not for the highest good and be willing to let it go 2- Enter into a process of deep personal transformation, even if challenging 3- Let go of old paradigm thinking, ego drives and addiction to negative power 4- Complete old threads, so that we may rise above old patterns and come to closure with painful remaining streams of consciousness and experience 5- Invite into our being our original and true essence and original blueprint, at the DNA level, as multi-dimensional humans and as Souls 6- Journey beyond the limitations and illusions place upon us, so that we may re-experience the multi-dimensional nature of the world and our being. And from that place then bring and create true change for our planet.

Small stuff really ;-) And we can do it :-) — Lets make it the agenda for this holidays season and for 2014 <3

May we walk in beauty and love at all times :-)

Sending healing and love


Katie Lilac©2013 Katie Gallanti. All rights reserved. Katie Gallanti is a metaphysician, healer, teacher and writer. For further information email katiegallanti @ If re-posting, preferably re-post as a link to this blog, if cut and pasting, re-post in its entirety, with this copyright, author name and site as in this byline.

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