Including here some testimonials so you can read from others about their experience with this work. Some of these testimonials are almost too glowing ;-) … some of these are from people that worked with me long term on big stuff, so they were happy for the shifts they experienced. I am obviously human and have good days and bad days, so not every session is earth-shattering, but people who resonate with “the work” and that have good healing-chemistry with my vibration seem to get good benefit from it. Hopefully you will benefit from it too. Much love. :-) Katie

“Katie is a dear friend who I think of glowingly as a healer, teacher and visionary. She is fully in the world yet is a traveler in many. Katie is a wonderful channel for higher consciousness and has accessed light tools and information that can help many step out of their box. She is one of those rare individuals that is a pathfinder, helping the planet to transit between ages.”

Steve Nobel, director of Alternatives, London, UK and author of The Prosperity Game (Findhorn Press, 2006)

♥ Katie dear ♥ You are a tremendous luminescence for so many of us here and we’d be in the dark without you. Your obvious very hard, unending work and incredible talent shine like bright, beaming beacons. I know that I am not alone in thanking you from a heart-felt place in many dimensions. ♥ ♥ – M.T., New York, USA

I really felt inspired to express my total and absolute gratitude for you and for all the work we’ve done together.  I just wanted to thank you for helping me find hope again in being a healer, in helping with all my exercises, trusting again with God to do practices. I just really appreciate that you’ve come into my life, it has helped to continue the ball rolling further to Source and how I’m to be existing in my life. My heart is overwhelmed. Thank you ~ M.D., Australia

I put the clearing to the test, and I went into the basement after the house was quiet in the middle of the night, into the belly of the beast, lol.  I was able to walk around in there, in all of the rooms without so much as a shiver.  It just felt boring and normal, like a basement! I love the new energy around the house. The upstairs is humming with it.  ~ MM, Washington DC, USA

“You and the guides and councils have done well.  Complete turnaround this morning, after the relationship clearing last night. Thank you for getting on this so quickly.  This may have saved our marriage.”  ~ RG, Michigan, USA

A few years ago, I experienced a transition and encountered some energetic issues that I was unable to clear. For the next three years I went in and out of a dark night of the soul experience. In that time I saw many healers, psychic surgeons, and spiritual/metaphysical teachers but no methodology or technique seems to help. Then I had a session with Katie Gallanti and she was able to focus in to the trauma issues and clear all the ‘dark’ multidimensional contracts and threads within a single session!! I now feel that the issue that has been haunting me for the past five years is cleared. If you are experiencing challenges with unconscious conditioning, challenges in your energy fields, limiting psychic contracts, traumatic ‘past’ lifetimes, soul fragmentation, or dark interference then I have every confidence that Katie is the person to help you.
~ Steve Nobel, author, book coach and ex-director of Alternatives (2000-2012), Piccadilly, London ~

Thought I would send you an email with an update on how I am doing after our first clearing regarding the issue of my very stressful job. After the clearing, they hired another person who will take on the cumbersome division and ALL the imports as well as the foreign trade zone….YEAH  That really reduces my workload !! ~ ET, Arizona, USA

Feeling speechless after reading your clearing notes and feeling so much excitement that I can hardly wait to get back to you & tell you Thank You Very Very Much!   I loved reading your notes & every single thing in them & gosh dang I feel lucky getting to have this work done with you! ~ S.W., Colorado, USA~

Katie has helped me get to energetic places I would have never been able to get to on my own. She’s both a teacher and a healer. I admire her ability to make me feel like I can get through most anything. Knowing that she is there to support me and clear the way for me energetically allows me to get on with my work and grow as an energetic being. Recently, she has supported my efforts through Basic Light Body and I owe her a big “Thank You” for always being there for me.
~ O. R., California, USA (2013) ~

Dearest Katie – on behalf of all my multidimensional selves, THANK YOU with oodles of LOVE for the PHENOMENAL reading today!! You have helped me understand things and answered questions for me to a level that no one person has yet been able to do! Blessings and thanks to you for the work you do, my friend!♥ – L. M., Washington, USA

On my personal journey I have encountered various psychics, healers and channels. Although each has assisted me in some manner or another, I must say that I’ve grown the most through my sessions with Katie and the homework she has suggested. She has proven to be a no nonsense healer who has always gotten to the bottom of any issue, blockage, or astral attack; all the while teaching me more about myself, my soul’s purpose and assisting me in coming into alignment, activating my light body and integrating my full soul light.
~ TB, Arizona, USA ~

“I have known Katie for many years and she has truly had a profound impact on my life and work. I am a lightworker/healer and channel for the Blue Seraphim and Blue Sirian Councils. Katie has always been there for me as a clear channel for my own psychological as well as spiritual process. She is gifted as a therapist and her spiritual awareness far outreaches anyone I know. As I have reached higher levels of light and consciousness, she is always there to expand and deepen my awareness of the galactic interplay we are all involved in. Through her clear vision, I see the divine plan unfold and my part in it. She is an extraordinary lightworker/ warrior and defender of the souls who are called to be in her spiritual circle. I am extremely grateful that she is in my life.”
~ D. D., California, USA ~

“For the past 10 years, Katie Gallanti has proved to be an exceptional resource with her high dimensional reading of planetary conditions. Through her extraordinary gift of seeing the big picture from all levels, she is able to offer perspectives and information that only a few lightworker/channels can. Her planetary work has ranged from clearing dark energies from trauma sites to working one-on-one with individuals. She possesses a keen, highly educated intellect which has been informed by her years in the science research trenches. Her information comes from a high dimensional level which uniquely integrates with her understanding of our global and galactic position. She is one of the few lightworkers out there who courageously walks the razor’s edge of commitment to the truth on the one side and commitment to the raising of the light of consciousness on the other. Certainly our planet would be further along in its evolutionary journey if more lightworkers followed her example.”
~ M.L., Texas, USA ~

“My path has led me to see out assistance of many fine healers and teachers over several decades in order to gain insight understanding and clear energy and blockages that adversely impacted my soul’s evolution. I have had the immense honor of working with Katie for five years. My inner guidance led me to her with the intention of clearing major core life issues at the soul level. Over these five years, Katie consistently worked at the highest levels I have ever experienced. Her ability to be a clear channel for such supreme guidance is due to her ability to be perfectly clear during her sessions, always working with the highest integrity and intellect to translate the information in a perfectly aligned manner to the recipient.

Additionally, I have studied several aspects of metaphysics with Katie. Katie has a very clear strategy when imparting these complex subjects; combined with an extremely refined sense of speaking at an integrated level so every person can hear and understand the information, no matter what their personal level of understanding.I have made quantum shifts in my vibrational frequency specifically as a result of the continued clearing that occurred while working with Katie. Her level of understanding is rare on this planet and it is a gift I am eternally grateful for.”
~ W. W., Hawaii, USA ~

“Within the last ten years I’ve been fortunate enough to experience and witness some Katie’s high level and extraordinary spiritual work. She is a much evolved lightworker with a highly awakened consciousness, whose Council’s guide her to illumine, heal and teach. Katie works on intergalactic/cosmic levels of consciousness and has assisted me and others on various levels with a host of personal issues, facilitating bringing our energies to a higher level. She is a real pro in dealing with psychic attack, cleansing, protection as well as present and past life clearing.

Katie does very effective work with proper use of the will, manifesting, and communication and connecting others with their own guides. She seems to really know how to bring out the lightworker in people and help them actualize their Soul’s purpose.The aspect of Katie’s work I have found most impressive, is her Earth healing work. I loved supporting her energy during her planetary work sessions, as we brought forward the awareness of higher beings into activation, to diffuse the present state of planetary disquiet and unrest. I might add that Katie’s sense of discretion is impeccable and her ethics unquestionable.”
~ P. M., California, USA ~