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Personal Impact of the Last Pluto-Uranus Square

I was going to write a big article about the Pluto Uranus square and I may get to it by the weekend, we shall see. On the fly, however, a reminder that we are entering the last leg of the … Continue reading

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The Node, The Timelines and The Two Earths

We are now approaching the time of the splitting between the two Earths. The decisions made now and the positive or negative soul orientation choices made now, will determine which vibrational version of Earth we will be residing on at … Continue reading

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Planetray Cycles and The Reboot of Civilizations

And here we are, once again, at the closing of another year. I am writing this newsletter on a particularly quiet Thanksgiving week, after a few relentlessly busy months, jammed packed with commitments. As I reflect on the closing year … Continue reading

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