The Dark Forces, The Consciousness Streams and The Shift

Uploading this article as PDF, as it is easier. This is an article I wrote in August 2013, but did not publish at the time, guided to post it today.


The Dark Forces, the Consciousness Streams and the Shift

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Of Morality, Free Will, Purity and Creation

“Understanding natural law, the laws that are in place in creation and by which the evolutionary pace of the universe abides, means truly having conscience. That is the definitive knowledge of the objective difference between morally right and morally wrong behavior.
Living in harmony with natural law is different from understanding it. It means exercising one’s conscience and willfully choosing morally right behavior over morally wrong behavior, once that difference is clearly understood.
When human beings behave in harmony with natural law and are therefore moral, they find that they are ultimately free. When they do not behave in harmony with natural law, and they are therefore immoral, they become and remain enslaved”
~ Mark Passio ~

I have Saturn on my Neptune right now, so very attuned to the karma and discipline aspect of spirituality at the moment. Not the most popular aspect of spirituality, might I add. As such I am reintegrating and valuing concepts such as “morality”. Modern spirituality is not really on board where ideas of morality are concerned. We tend to associate morality with old school religious thinking. A way of thinking that many of us have thrown out, as we expanded into a different free flowing spiritual container. However, could it be that there was some baby in that bathwater? Increasingly, I feel that that is the case.

One could replace right vs wrong, light vs dark, with evolutionary and for the highest good of all (Service to Others) vs devolutionary and for the highest good of ego (Service to Self). We live on a planet based on free will. And as I have said many times, free will is not really about the freedom to do as one pleases, but about the freedom to choose between “options” and the evolutionary opportunity that making those choices afford. Each choice we make gives us the opportunity to make a Soul based choice (which is always evolutionary orientated – Mark Passios’s natural law), or a personality/ego based choice, which is often devolutionary and service to self.

Devolutionary choices often pay off in the immediate, but have consequences long term, hence why Mark Passio, above, talks of enslavement. We become enslaved by the compromises we make and their long term fallout. Selling out is after all about selling out a part of ourselves. Something is lost in the process. Many artists, politicians, business people who sell out for fame and fortune, often end up regretting this down the line and find that they can’t get out of the deals they have made. Many of the shortcuts we take, come and bite us in the behind, in time.

One may choose the short cut route, for immediate gratification or as a way to placate fears. Most devolutionary choices come from a lack of trust in the benign nature of the universe to provide what is needed or in a lack of trust in one’s own self being enough. This is often about being out of touch with our larger self, the higher self that sees and knows other ways. When one lives through the eyes of the expanded self, there is no need to make choices that compromises and that take one out of one’s purity.

We live, however, in a world that does not value purity (our modern western world) and in which compromises, corruption, cutting corners, selling out for apparent gain has become the norm for many. Even something as simple as a nine to five job, for many is about selling out the bulk of our time to something we do not believe in, in order to keep a roof over the head and survive. Our world, with its insane overheads and demands, is wired for compromise. And maybe this is the test for us all, as we walk this world, to live bravely, in uncompromising ways.

This is not a call for judgment of self and others, as we all, consciously or not color outside the lines at times. It is difficult not to in our current world environment. This is however an encouragement to commitment to our own integrity and walking the talk as much as we can.

Building authentic lives, taking risks with authentic choices that go against the popular and more common grain, has become, for many, in our world as it stands, a courageous act. However, if we stop participating in the compromising aspects of this world, would these aspects continue to exist? Probably not. So maybe a commitment to uncompromising ways is also the way forward in creating the next stage for our collective being, stage and setting. And maybe if all supported each other in making great choices and creating different opportunities (it’s not always easy to travel this road alone), the shift we seek for our planet could happen easier and faster for all …

I also feel that this is a key place for the true understanding of the laws of manifestation to come into play. If we have the knowledge and the trust needed to use our will appropriately and to create energetically what we need to move forward, that too, generates freedom. As we can trust that we can create what is needed in any given moment. Esoteric knowledge, aligned with the higher self and source, applied well, sets one free. Hence why so much of this knowledge has been, historically, hidden. Learning to create in alignment with the Soul affords the ability to manifest the choice of pure creations.

We can create a new world, both in our own lives and in the world at large… especially if we create together…working co-creatively and as guided by higher power adds potency to the process.

Looking forward to that world… It will be “our” world and it will be a good world…

May we walk in truth and pure creation …

Much love


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The Solar Galactic Field and One’s Personal Shift

InfiniteDNAActivationEvery time a new wave of light reaches the Earth plane, we have a double phenomena. First of all, the new frequencies lift all the stuff that is an energetic match to those frequencies into the air. This often creates a healing crisis both at the physical, psychological and multidimensional level, which manifests as issues to work through or clear. And then once the issues that the light has thrown into the air are resolved and integrated, we get to enjoy the benefits of that light, as it translates into expanded consciousness. Before the next wave comes, beginning the process all over again. And each time, with each new incoming wave, after the initial clearing and shifting, we become a more clear vessel and closer to the expression of our full being. Because ultimately the journey here is one towards becoming a clear vessel that allows for our higher dimensional Soul-Self to manifest in actualized physical form. This is, at the personal level, the journey we are undergoing at this time.

A Time of Shifting and Shedding

The clearing/shifting part of this process is not super pleasant, especially lately, as the waves of light coming in now are much more powerful than a few years ago and they often lift in the air more blockages than we feel we can handle. I know that a lot of people have been feeling pretty overloaded during these last few months. Many relationships and friendships have been tested during this time and for some there has also been a parting of the ways. Do not feel bad about the people you are leaving behind. And if there has been conflict, try to walk away from polarity notions of right and wrong. Know that the current parting of ways is simply happening because you are now growing in different directions and/or growing/shifting at a different speed. All is well, both with you and those that are leaving. We are just moving into a different chapter, a different act of the play. The more we manage to stay neutral and out of judgment, the smoother we will move through these transitions.

Coping with the Intensity and Change

Rapid growth has caused many situations to leave our lives, such as jobs and living environments that are no longer a fit. And while this is more often than not a positive thing, as it is time to shed skins, the personality part of us, the part of us that identifies very strongly with being in a body, sometimes really struggles in handling all the changes. If things get too overwhelming, pull your energy back into self and retreat to some degree to find center and recharge batteries. A bit of self time and peace, which allows the nervous system to simmer down and adjust, and for the inner child to take a breath, seems to be a good way to go at this time.

It is my sense that there are going to be more moments of great intensity, as we move forward in this adventure over the next two years, and that there will be, periodically, in the months to come, an ongoing need for retreat, rest and recuperation. We will alternate between times of shift and times of integration. Finding balance between inward and outward in our relationships with ourselves and with the world is going to be key. The rules of the game are changing and pushing too hard at this time backfires. Honor the need of your body for rest and of your spirit for peace and time for healing, now, and in the months ahead, when needed.

The good news is that we are just about complete with the last phase of integration post triple eclipse and we will be now moving into the phase of actualization, during which we will reap the rewards of the growth that has occurred. Even if at times it may have seemed that we were going backwards, retreading old ground over old issues, under the surface, much growth has been occurring, during which we have been busy clearing up of the last threads of old patterns, old karma and old energy. We are now much readier for the next phases ahead, which require both action and empowerment. I have not looked at the astrology, but I keep getting September and October as a time of strong forward movement and change, both at the personal and collective level.

Positive Shifts within the Collective

As the focus shifts from the personal to the collective once more, remember that we are indeed making much progress as humanity, despite all illusion to the contrary. While we are often being told how human beings are bad and dysfunctional, I am seeing the beginnings of a new renaissance happening here as we speak. A new sense of community and group focus is in the works. A rediscovering of our relationship with the planet; a rediscovery of our relationship with each other, as we beginning to join together to think of the new templates of the world to be; a rediscovery of new ways in which we can enhance our vibration and well being, not only through meditation and clear mind, but also through paying more attention to our bodies, as vehicles that house our light.

Aside from doing the spiritual and psychological work, many are being drawn to detoxing and live raw foods at this time, as, with the increased voltage of the incoming energies, the body vehicle also needs to vibrate higher to accommodate the higher levels of light. If you feel guided to cleanse and detox now, know that there is a good reason for this and make sure to respond to that call.

There are many ways to detox. Choose a gentle way, so as to not overload your already stretched energy systems. Even just adding a lot of water with lemon to your day will help alkalize your body (which is a good start). You can also increase your consumption of raw and live foods. And consider eliminating junk food and sugar as much as you can from your diet. This will help the body detox, so it can handle more light and be ready for the next waves of consciousness pouring in in the fall and winter months. Now is the time to prepare.

A Time for Multidimensional Detox

We have addressed detox of body and spirit. And now we will also address something that is not always fully understood, that is the detox of past life and multidimensional baggage.

As we awaken spiritually, we often first go through shedding the baggage of childhood. After a while though, if our vibration continues to increase, we will begin to activate the Soul bodies, the ones that go beyond the physical experience into the multidimensional.

As the Soul bodies awaken, so does the baggage stored at the Soul level, which also includes a sheath of the DNA which corresponds to the bodies that are being activated (which is ultimately what is meant when people talk about DNA activation and DNA clearing).

The Soul Bodies and the Soul related portions of the DNA sheath contain what is know as the akashic records. From an energy standpoint, the akashic records are nothing but the energetic imprint of all lifetimes lived and experienced by the Soul, stored as energy packages within the multidimensional matrix.

As the light increases and these Soul-aspects are re-awakened, these energy packages will also activate. And with them any trauma or blockage stored within these will also come back online. This is a large part of what is being heightened by the current influx of light: the light is now high enough in consciousness to spontaneously trigger the Soul bodies into awakening. And with these, however, the corresponding baggage also comes online.

This is why it is an important part of this journey, when the time is right and when guided, to address also past life issues and past life clearing, either through energy clearing (removing of stored energetic imprints in the Soul bodies) or via past life regression work. if you are having issues in your life that feel karmic in nature, which usually manifest as relationship issues, mysterious ailments, or sudden dramas, know that you have probably activated a past life bubble. And if you get stuck in it, now is a good time to address those aspect too and to engage in past life detox.

That will be all for now…much love to you all,


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The Earth, The Human,The Sun and The Shift

sacral-chakra-colorsAlthough we are mostly aware of our being-ness in the 3D physical realm, human beings are energetic beings, whose vehicles are governed by the multiple sheaths of the DNA that contain the “construction codes” for the physical and energy bodies of which we are composed of, which span into multiple dimensions. As energetic beings, we are also contained within the energy field of the Earth. And the Earth is contained within the energy field of the Sun. The Sun is also part of the larger system that is the Galaxy. And so on. I know you all know this, as we all studied some basic astronomy in school, but what many don’t realize, is that we are literally contained within these systems at the energetic level, like Russian dolls, and that what is happening to one of the bigger dolls (for example the Galaxy and the Sun), is also happens to the smaller dolls inside it (such as the Earth and us). Energetically we are contained and influenced by the larger systems that house us.

How this energy containment takes place from a physics level: I have my theories, but too complex for the scope of this post (I am writing about these in my book). For now just let me say that there is lots of new physics emerging at the moment that seems to confirm the holographic nature of our universe and I am sure things will become even clearer, in times to come, as we are undergoing a true life demonstration of this fact as the Sun escalates in activity, taking us with it for the ride during the experience.

One of the things that is becoming quite clear to anybody observing the changes we are currently undergoing, for example, is that there is a correspondence between Solar activity and earthquake activity on our Earth, severe weather and winds. One thing that is becoming clearer and clearer, also, is the correspondence between solar energy shifts and consciousness shifts. The “ascension” that many talk of, is, at least from one vantage point, a Solar process.

The Sun is the driver of the Shift

It is the changes from the Sun that are triggering the energetic changes that we are and will be experiencing, as we enter into the peak of the transformation.

I seem to be particularly connected to the Sun since the Japan quake in March 2011. At that time, as I was doing some planetary healing work to aid with the soothing of the planetary energy, I found myself out of body, outside of the Earth looking down, in between the Earth and the Sun. Sounds weird, I know, but that’s what happened.

As I did, I could see all the fire and hot spots on the tectonic plates that needed attention, the pressure building from the inside of the Earth, and I was also shown the relationship between this quake activity and the Sun. I visually saw this link, as if someone was saying “See what the Sun is doing? Now look what the Earth is doing”. I was being schooled ;-) I was also told to do some energy work on the Sun. This may sounds even stranger, I know, but energy is just energy and it can be moved, no matter how big the body.

As I did so, approaching the Sun in my out of body state, my crown chakra blew open with a big white flame on top of my head and stayed that way for several weeks. I felt as if my crown chakra was the size of a plate on top of my head for almost a month…. Eventually it shrunk back to normal size. I was told that this was an activation of my solar energy body. I have been aligned with the Sun ever since and very conscious of the energy shifts at the Solar level (which has some physical side effects that I am still working out, like, feeling on fire every time the sun shifts ;-) lol). Which obviously must be a part of my new job description. I have been a planetary energy worker for several years and here I was shown that I now needed to include the solar level into my awareness.

During this experience, I could see space as if I were looking out from the Sun I could also see the galactic energies coming in, from a solar centered perspective. All very interesting.

The Sun is moving into its Light Body

I was also shown that the Sun was shifting into its light body. Light body here intended as moving into its higher dimensional body of light. As I observed the Sun, I saw that the physical body of the Sun as the usual ball of fire we are all accustomed to seeing on SOHO, and a fairly agitated one, flame throwing in many directions. But I was also shown the Sun’s light body, an overlapping image of the Sun in a higher dimension, radiating very potent and healing white light, with a golden glow…just like our light bodies do, but on a much larger scale (If you have not activated your light body yet, I recommend Sanaya Roman and Duane’s packer’s “Awakening your light body” course, by the way, as it will sky rocket your energetic awareness so that you can experience, see or sense energies and other dimensional experience, as well as rapidly raise your frequency. Highly recommended).

From that vision, I understood the multidimensional nature of the Sun (had not really thought about the nature of the Sun much before this) and the true nature of the process we are undergoing. I also felt the consciousness of the higher dimensional Sun, which was very steady, comforting and wise. Like being at the feet of an ancient and great master.

I was also shown that the sun already exists at this higher dimensional level. The Sun’s light body is already fully formed and energetically stable. What is happening now is that the Sun is “docking” with its higher dimensional aspect, bring its light body into the here and now. At the physical level this process is being triggered by energies from the center of the Galaxy. Which in turn are being pulsed from the center of Creation. It is all connected. And as each level shifts, so does our Sun and so does our planet and so do we. There is more physics to our current consciousness process than meets the eye.

There shift is happening at all levels of being, both inner and outer. In truth there is no separation between these two processes, as all, including the physical, is energy. And all of the energy is shifting.

Whats happening now

So this was last year and the process continues. In fact its escalating. While we have been undergoing these shifts as humanity for several decades, we are now entering the peak of the shift. The energies are increasing and with step up, we are, like the Sun, activating more and more of our higher energy bodies into being. And the corresponding DNA to those energy bodies.

I have talked at length in previous articles about the release and challenge that can be encountered as we activate higher levels, so I will be brief and will refer you to prior writings on the topic here, but lets just summarize by saying that each time there is an energy step up, old baggage and blockages are brought to the surface. The more intense the energy and the faster and more intense this blockage releasing process gets. We are now entering a phase in which the energies are so intense that they are accelerating this release at an unprecedented rate and sometimes this can feel a bit much, even to the point of not being able to function some days. Take it easy when this happens and know that this too shall pass. It is intense, but it is a release process and once its done, you will feel your vibration rise quite dramatically. I was almost incapacitated between March and mid May, but I am now feeling the benefits of all the changes. Its good.

Shifts are happening at the physical level. Our physical bodies are changing and adapting, so that we can house all of this voltage. Our nervous systems, brains, meridians, chakras are all adapting to this higher stream of energy. My experience is that bodies are now starting to naturally detox, even in extreme ways. Liver and gallbladder and kidney are detoxing on their own, without being triggered by an intentional cleanse. This too is part of the process. Caring for and supporting the body is therefore becoming paramount. The more we prepare the body now, the more it will be able to handle the even more intense energies that will be coming in in the fall. Same goes for the emotional and karmic baggage.

The down side of this process is: its intense, our “stuff” comes at us relentlessly, there is hardly time to catch one’s breath. Its a bit hard on the body and it can make people testy – there is a lot of friction in the air. This energy has a strong fire component and nervous systems are heating up. People are irritated, tired, and have trigger tempers. The world at large is having really bad PMS ;-). Try to be patient and stay in the heart. If you end up blowing up, see if you can repair the damage. Apologies go a long way at this time in keeping one karmic slate clean – I have had to issue several of these myself. As does forgiveness towards those that lash out at us or step on our toes.

Earth Grumbles

Even the Earth is grumbling and her way of releasing is via quakes and storms. It was not widely publicized, but there was a day in April 2012, for example, in which there were quakes of a significant magnitude, simultaneously, all around the world. All the plates were active at this time, showing once again how this is a solar/global process, rather than a localized fault line deal. Quake activity has been up for several months now and my guess is that this too will continue for some time.

The up side of this process. The plus sides are many. From a soul perspective this is a great time to be alive as we are clearing out incredible amounts of old karma and have the opportunity for great shifts in personal vibration and growth. Souls like that ;-) That is after all why Souls incarnate in a body in the first place. We incarnate to grow. The Secret will tall you that we incarnate to manifest. That’s not the case. When we die we cant take anything with us but the growth we experienced and the consciousness, we have acquired. All of the “things” stay behind. You do the math on what is a priority.

So there you have it …intensity and rumbles, toasted nervous systems, quaky Earth, solar shifts, big leaps in consciousness. That pretty much sums it up. Its a birthing process and we are still in the birth canal. But we will be born eventually and it will be great :-).

In closing remember, between upgrades and challenges, it is all about the love. It is all about the beauty. The beauty of the heart. As we align with doorway to the Soul plane, may we be reminded of the infinite power of love…The power to witness, to transform and to heal … ♥♥♥

May humanity return to love and heal all the last cracks within its broken heart, as we come into wholeness, discarding all that is not what is to be… May we blossom into the radiance of beaming stars ♥

Each one of us, a star, we are born from the mind of creation, traveling the path to the heart. May we be blessed as we gently, and together, journey home ♥♥♥

Much love to you all…

Katie plus Councils

Katie Lilac©2014 Katie Gallanti. All rights reserved. Katie Gallanti is a metaphysician, healer, teacher and writer. For further information email katiegallanti @ If re-posting, preferably re-post as a link to this blog, if cut and pasting, re-post in its entirety, with this copyright, author name and site as in this byline.

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The Cardinal Grand Cross and the First Wave

Solar Earth transmissionFor a few years now I have been talking and writing about the Pluto-Uranus square. The two planetary giants have been and still are generating a potent crucible for change, through an interesting dynamic pull between authority gone wild and rebellion on fire, as they face off in the cardinal signs Capricorn and Aries.

Pluto and Uranus have been coming together repeatedly during the past few years in a creative clash. Pluto, lord of the underworld, ruler of power and distortion healer, deeply transformative and foreboding energy, has been locking horns with the mold breaking and rebellious Uranus, a planet that creates change through sudden bursts of energy, breaking things apart, breaking away from the old and outmoded, and which acts like a lightning bolt, sudden and shocking.

Pluto the Grand Intensifier

Both these planets are about transformation, with their own unique style in imploding systems and revamping the status quo. Pluto intensifies energies, until the shadow aspects of being become so blatant, that they can no longer be denied. Under Pluto’s influence, issues intensify and magnify until they have to be dealt with, healed and resolved. It is particularly interested in bringing to light our relationship with will and power and all the uncomfortable things that we tuck away and hide. Pluto is the grand uncoverer and healer of the shadow aspects of self and being.

Plutonian energy brings the dirt of our psyches, individual and collective to the surface, like a puss-filled boil. It looks ugly at first, but eventually the boil pops, the inner poison is released and all becomes clearer than it was before. With the poison ejected from the system, all can begin anew, with the added bonus of the integrated knowledge of the experience. In this sense Pluto is about Death and Rebirth. Plutonian transformations are ultimately aboutpurification through a mechanism of intensification and expulsion of dark matter, both at the psychic and spiritual levels of being. In the best of cases, it is also about realigning the first ray of power with its true original creative and divine purpose: power not as abuse and manipulation, but as potency of directed will at the service of life affirming creation.

Uranus the Grand Reality Breaker

Uranus instead brings about transformation through breaking patterns, breaking energies, breaking stagnancies and injecting its own brand of new into the picture. Uranus often operates in very speedy and abrupt ways, in one swift and sometimes merciless instantaneous motion. It revitalizes systems by breaking them up and shocking them into new realities. It forces us to quickly shed whatever is old that keep us stuck. Uranian transformations are all about evolution, revolution and moving forward, fast. And about sudden and sometimes jolting jagged angles that birth the new.As Leonard Cohen says, we need the cracks, so the light can come in. Uranus is the cosmic crack maker through which creation bursts break through into being.

The combo of Plutonian and Uranian energy and their current clashing dance is life changing both at the personal and collective levels. For the past two to three years and for two more years to come we have and will continue to be cracked open, purged and reborn. Sometimes the process is fun, sometimes not, but it is definitely profound. A once in a life time rollercoaster ride, which we may even learn to enjoy, as more of our original light comes online with each shedding. We are becoming more and more unhindered and baggage free, as we peel away and complete layers and layers of karmic story.

Our multidimensional being, our records and DNA are also purging and rebooting. All the broken codes are coming back online, our true selves ready to descend and open, in their full energetic glory. The damage of the past is repaired, all perpetrators forgiven, including ourselves. We are becoming pure vessels of Soul with each turn of the cosmic clock. We are getting polished at every level, as the cosmos carves the inner jewels from our base matter. And the more we are carved and polished, the more we shine.

The Cardinal Grand Cross: the Grand New Reality Maker

As of this year we have other players joining this planetary clash, with Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Cancer, and on and off Venus in Capricorn, all also in the middle cardinal signs. This is creating a grand cross in the sky, with two to five planets coming in and out of the grand cross configuration for the first part of this year. This adds another layer to the Pluto Uranus experience that has to do with how we do love, relationships, values, conflict with loved ones. It is also about how we rebalance and close out our Soul to Soul karma. Many relationships will either die or be reborn at a new level during this time. Expect the full gamut from conflicts and break ups, to engagements and marriages to take place during these next few months. Unions and re-unions will be occurring now especially between so called “divine mates”. Soul-buddies with big soul contracts, who have been hanging with each other lifetime after lifetime, have an opportunity to come together now, if all the karmic homework has been completed on all sides.

Big rewards to clearing core karma at this time, whether in a relationship or not, as many lifetimes are now wrapping up for several groups of souls. We are stepping through the first doorways that are opening now, into new levels of being that have not been available in this Earth realm for many eons of time, if not ever. Some Souls get to make this leap together, as a group, and then anchor energy from the other side of the doorway for others to follow. Or it least this is the vision I have been shown.

The first intense peak of these energies and doorway openings has already occurred throughout January and will peak again, with even more intensity around April 20th-25th.Then Mars and Jupiter will gradually move forward in the cardinal degrees and separate from Pluto Uranus as the months roll ahead, towards the middle of the year. However the Pluto Uranus square will reconvene again in December 2014. Alongside the cardinal crosses and squares, Neptune continues its journey into Pisces and Saturn its journey into Scorpio. Neptune is strong in its own sign, Pisces, giving healing and spiritual oversight over the whole process, but also helping us to release a lot of illusions and well as emotional grief. Maybe because Chiron, the wounded healer, is also in Pisces at this time, grief release seems to have been an ongoing theme for the past year or two, alongside all the intense challenges. Our inner waters are cleansing too: all the inner child pain, the pain of incarnation and separation, the pain of all hurts and traumas, all is emptying from the inner cups, so that they may be refilled with whatever we choose to create next, in our new cycle of being.

Saturn in Scorpio on Neptune in Scorpio -A generation faces self and takes spiritual responsibility

Saturn is in Scorpio during this year and is an interesting energy for us to deal with too and especially for those of my generation who have Neptune in Scorpio natally. Many of my mid sixties-born contemporaries are currently experiencing a Saturn on Neptune transit, including myself. Saturn in Scorpio, especially when coupled with Neptune in Scorpio and twelfth house matters, seems to be about days of reckoning, tough spiritual love, spiritual discipline, getting to the core of the growth process, beyond fluff and glamor and into the real nitty-gritty of what it means to be spirit and love in action.

Saturn/Neptune in Scorpio combined are about a spirituality that is not just in words, but which includes taking responsibility for all actions/ intent present and past and cleaning them up.. It’s about no nonsense spirituality. Even old fashioned notions, such as repentance and forgiveness, may be up for processing at this time.

We have been conditioned lately via new age teachings to feel that there is no place for remorse and guilt in our growth process. And while these are very negative energies to hold onto beyond a few moments, they do serve a purpose. Their purpose is to alert us as to when we have dropped of our own soul’s path and drifted from our true north, both as far as our own selves and personal direction, as well as far as the way in which we treat others. If the people behind Monsanto experienced guilt , they could not do what they do. Their conscience would not allow it. And this is why one of the elite’s yearly rituals is the Cremation of Care. Empathy, caring and the guilt/shame emotional feedback loop resulting from service to self deeds at the detriment of others would make it otherwise impossible to act in non-life aligned ways. To be truly a service to self being therefore care needs to be sacrificed.

One of the signature traits of narcissism and psychopathy is the lack of care and feedback loops such as remorse. There is therefore a place for feeling bad about stuff, it’s called having a conscience. And if one listens to that conscience, and self corrects, one can quickly release the feeling bad factor and begin anew. Saturn in Scorpio is all about unearthing the shadow deeds from the vaults of time and from the Akashic records both, so that they can be seen, owned, released and healed. Owing the shadow deeds is not about self-punishment, but about breaking out of denial and accepting responsibility in a way that leads to true change. As you can see this is a time of dramatic purging for all.

The Galactic Solar Shift and The First Wave

Astrology aside, this is also a pivotal time in the Galactic-Solar Shift. It seems that the process that many refer to as ascension, the process via which we have the opportunity to shift in consciousness to other dimensional planes of experience, has not only been gathering momentum, but has began its first wave of opening and closing of doorways. Much information has been coming through in the past few weeks about the fact that we are indeed in the process of getting on a bus to somewhere energetically new and that during the next few years there will be many doorways and windows opening, allowing for further new reality bridging. Doorways to new awareness and new levels of being within ourselves and the way we experience the world.

There are many vibrational levels on which we can exist and many Earths corresponding to each level, each on its own vibrational plane. As we shift higher in vibration, we lock with other higher vibrating Earth realities. And once our vibrations stabilize we permanently lock into and anchor into a dominant experience of being. It’s not the new Earth that is here, but rather it is us that have arrived at a inner vibrational threshold which opens the gateways to a new experience of the same Earth on a different dimensional plane.

For the past few years we have been wobbling between different dimensional realities of Earth experience, as we also wobble between different dimensional realities of our own inner being, blinking in and out of high consciousness. As we rise and stabilize into the high vibrational streams (and clearing and releasing of baggage is required to achieve this), we are docking into the new realities in more stable ways.

Walking through the doorways occurs when our new permanent energetic anchor point shifts to the higher vibrating Earth and we leave the old realities behind. We can still see them, but our inner experience resides elsewhere. Eventually, some years from now, I am shown that we will move off the node. At that point, the different Earth realities will begin to truly separate. We will not only be fully anchored in a different experience, but we will also be vibrationally separated to the point that we won’t even be able to witness what has been left behind.

I have been shown that there are seven waves of doorway crossing of which the first one is now completed. If you have crossed this energy threshold, you may actually know this intuitively, as things will look the same but feel different. The first group of Souls has crossed, but there will be six more opportunities for groups of Souls to follow, until we exit the nodal point between realities. This all sounds very far fetched, I know, but this is what myself and other people I am connected to see.

There really is a Galactic Solar acceleration process going on of large magnitude, what in the Law of One was described as The Harvest, and we are smack bang in the middle of it, right now.

The good news about this transition is that manifestation and synchronicities are also accelerating for those that are successfully participating in this process. It seems that the new Earth reality, or should we say the higher vibrational consciousness that allows access to it, is a place in which consciousness and manifestation move much faster and more effectively than we are used to, provided that we are clear about what we are doing and shadow free. This is also one of the reasons for which we have been guided to clear our stuff exceptionally well, as you do not really want to land in this zone, manifesting a bunch of blockages and darkness. Not that this is possible anyway. If on the other hand you have not yet crossed into this zone all the way and are still blinking in and out, this is a time to do your Soul homework. Clean up your stuff, karma present and past. The energies are very supportive of all clean up operations at this time. Sometimes, if we like it or not ;-)

The reward, however, is a bright and shiny new energetic experience :-)

So, as usual, hold your hats, as its going to be a fast and exhilarating ride… go with what presents itself, don’t fight it and you may end up enjoying the process, as the potential for big shifts is huge for those who dare to shed it all ….

May you walk in Beauty across all doorways and thresholds :-)

Big love



Katie Lilac©2013 Katie Gallanti. All rights reserved. Katie Gallanti is a metaphysician, healer, teacher, speaker and writer. For further information email katiegallanti @ If re-posting, preferably re-post as a link to this blog, if cut and pasting, re-post in its entirety, with this copyright, author name and site as in this byline.

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Of Forceful Will, Glamor and Celebrity Ego

309544_2581010049574_1711857309_nYou cannot force the river.
Sometimes the river just needs to flow back to Mombasa …

One of my favorite scenes in one of my favorite movies, Out of Africa, is the one in which, after years of trying to contain the flow of the river, redirecting it so that it would water their fields, the river banks crumble and the river breaks free, returning to its original course and destination. At which point Karen’s wise African assistant says: “This river, M’sad, this river always belonged to Mombasa”.

We cannot go against the natural flow of things. If we do, there are often hidden costs and results of our actions are not long lasting. Going against the natural flow also includes violations of free will. Push your will and you may get temporary results, but often those results decay and fall in time. Even if lifetimes after the fact, pushing the will has a boomerang effect. Even the dark one’s creations eventually crumble, as the chickens of karma always come home to roost.

Many people who were once dark magicians and who held a lot of dark occult power in past lives, often come back plagued by the very entities they summoned in those lives. Some don’t even realize that they have beings hitching rides in their field and distorting their reality with suggestions that lead down blind paths. People who think they are free, but whose freedom is not their own.

Others come back into incarnation having to rectify what they set in motion other lifetimes and need to volunteer to dismantle the very things they aided in creating during other times. Believe it or not, even some of the brightest light warriors were once dark. And some still have sprinkles of that darkness within them that they still need to work out, sprinkles of ego and distorted power drives on an otherwise very good cup cake. Which is why there is such a range of personalities, complete with hidden and not so hidden shadowy bits, even within our movement. One of the tests of the evolutionary path is that of purity in intent and of steering away from the pitfalls of ego/power drives.

Example – The whole celebrity fame consciousness ever growing and ever present in our celebrity worshiping world. As soon as something becomes popular there is a place for “celebrity” in every movement. As humans, I am not sure why, we seem to have a need to worship. Maybe this is an inner homesickness for the transcendent in world that has become overall too secular or too dogmatic. We see sparkles of the transcendent in others, then we seek it, like it and we revere it. The healthy side of this is just seeing the beauty of the Universe reflected in some that channel it with little distortion, such as a talent or insight that expresses. We see it, we admire it, we bow at it, we want more of it – as it feeds us. However best to know that we all have access to that transcendent, and that we ultimately need to go to the source of it and not allow it to just reside in the external idols. We all carry inside a seed of transcendent spark and it is our responsibility to look for it and nurture it, so that we too may shine with purity and may express our creative seed.

However, there are also those that specifically seek the bowing and admiring of others, that comes from expressing their inner spark. be it as a way to boost something that is empty or to feed a low sense of self esteem, or simply for the fun of the boost. There is an energy high that comes when people are on the receiving end of the bowing, and many celebrities and public persons get addicted to that high. Others sense it, seek it and covet it, as it is energy food and to some extent, it does, indeed, fill one up.

In general the seeking of the worship energy and the seeking of admiration and fame are dangerous for development and are a test on the path of evolution. There comes a time, as one evolves, in which one’s inner light expressed and shines to the point that it draws attention. And at this juncture, the Soul will be tested, as to what it does with that attention. Does it see it, but continue on its path undisturbed, or does it make it the new reason for the path? Many fail at this juncture and become fascinated by the fascination they generate in others and are distracted by the effects of their own light. And from here the fall, even if not noticeable to the world, but the inner fall, is inevitable.

Especially for those that misused their power in past lives, this test will come forward in very potent  and seductive ways, as the Soul cannot continue to evolve until the distorted relationship to power and self is mastered. The opportunity for such seduction will be very present and the Soul will need to see it and resist the temptation. Does this mean that one cannot reap the rewards of one’s work? No. But, one has to stay humble and true, and continue to move forward, neutral to the glittering lights of the attention and praise they generate. If this lesson is mastered, the rewards will continue, and so will the purity of information coming through the person. And so will the reach of that information, as truth moves and carries forward of its own force. A reminder that is actually the truth and the information that moves the mountains, not the person. The person is just the vehicle that carries the mission forward. And Spirit is grateful to the carriers of mission. And Spirit does reward those that do the work. But it quickly distances from those that fall in the test of Glitter and Shine and succumb to their own self-fascination.

If you notice this is the case with so many people. They start receiving the reward of their work in terms of popularity and glowing feedback and they soon deviate and become other. And soon after, whatever traction they had loses its true power and effectiveness, in exchange for a bad imitation of lackluster powerfulness that does not carry weight nor punch. I am sure each one of us can think of a thousand examples of this in many fields, as it is a pretty standard fare.

So it is wise for us to remember to always to check up on our motivation and what drives us. Are we on mission for ourselves and for our own reward? Or our we on mission with a commitment to carry potent energy of change forward for goals beyond self and gratification? The difference is sometimes a subtle one and its ok sometimes to walk within the blurred lines, as long as eventually one sees and walks back on the proper way to home.

Always keep steady, clear and true.

Much love

Katie Lilac©2013 Katie Gallanti. All rights reserved. Katie Gallanti is a metaphysician, healer, teacher and writer. For further information email katiegallanti @ If re-posting, preferably re-post as a link to this blog, if cut and pasting, re-post in its entirety, with this copyright, author name and site as in this byline.

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Planetray Cycles and The Reboot of Civilizations

purpleplanet1-2And here we are, once again, at the closing of another year. I am writing this newsletter on a particularly quiet Thanksgiving week, after a few relentlessly busy months, jammed packed with commitments. As I reflect on the closing year and the year ahead, I realize once again that we are living in very intense times. This is not surprising, as we are collectively going through the Pluto-Uranus square. This is the same energy that was at the base of the transformation present in the 60s, but with more tension and intensity. In fact this is the first major aspects that these two planets make since the 60s. And while in the 60s the two planets were in the same sign in Virgo, co-operating towards transformation, they are now in clashing signs (Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries), in a tension aspect with one another, setting the stage for intense and volatile change.

The Shift and the Pluto-Uranus Square

As mentioned above, Pluto is now in Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn, in its challenging manifestation, is authority and power on steroids. It is also carries a “rigid father of the bad kind” energy with it, an embodiment of an old school kind of male energy that is very preserving of the status quo, that wants all the authority and power for itself and who does not want to share it. In the world this is manifesting as intensification of the police state, laws that are too tight and restrictive, corporatocracy gone wild, manipulative and secretive government as well as open or subtle totalitarianism.

As Pluto has entered deeper into Capricorn, the governments of the western world have become more and more controlling. Left unchecked this energy could easily manifest as a dictatorship – overt or covert. I say covert, as the shadow side of Pluto likes the underworld, secrets and manipulation. It is possible to take away freedom without people realizing it at first, if the cage is golden and with lots of cool toys in it. That is, people could very well not realize what is happening to their world, with each incremental tightening of the noose, as long as they have cool phones and apps to play with and lots of fun entertainment.

Luckily the Pluto in Capricorn energy is not here present on its own. It has an opponent: Uranus in Aries. Uranus in Aries is the rebel on fire. Aries is a fire sign and it can be very rash and impulsive. Uranus is a breaker of structures and patterns and in Aries it goes about shattering things without a thought about tomorrow. Uranus in Aries does not like Pluto in Capricorn. It does not like oppressive authority, being boxed in and being told what to do. And it is very happy to get into Pluto in Capricorn’s face and tell it that. So, as Uranus travels into Aries, we have Arab springs, occupy movements, talks of revolution, whistle-blowers galore, truth seekers and truth speakers of all kinds. A host people willing to blow the lid off Pluto In Capricorn’s game. However, Pluto in Capricorn does not like this either and finds other ways to tighten its grip. And there you have the potential for a very charged standoff or confrontation. This is one of the aspects of the dance of the Pluto Uranus square, as it plays out on the world scene.

Uranian Rashness and Plutonian Manipulations

One of the pitfalls on Uranus in Aries is its impulsiveness: blow it up now and think later comes to mind. Uranus in Aries will follow any leader or plan that taps into the energy of “Let’s go topple some tables”. Its motivation is a good one. It wants freedom and change, however it will often not think much of what it’s doing or who it is following to get there. Pluto in Capricorn, the grand manipulator, knows this. And so it sends its own pied pipers, leading the impulsive Uranus in Aries into a ditch.

Pluto in Capricorn does not care what kind of structure it controls, as long as it can control it. So, it is important that we look very carefully at any revolutionary movement or drive that has or can be co-opted and steered into a direction that the current power holders can still control. In general, revolutionary “movements” with revolutionary “leaders” should be very carefully vetted at this time. What the true evolution of this planet calls for is not revolution, by the way, but transformation: we need clear heads and clear plans for creating the next steps and futures of our world. The world we are in definitely needs some changes. Opting out and creating something new by its side seems like a possible way to go.

The Shift and the Galactic-Solar Field

The Pluto-Uranus square is not the only energy working on the planet at this time. In some ways astrological energies as we know them are a local solar system and 3D-world centered phenomena. They tells us about the energetic weather close to the ground, in our localized field, in the lives of mortal men. There are some vaster energies also at play and, if we understand those energies, we can use them, transcend some of that weather and take things to higher ground.

I am referring to the continuous and intensifying energies coming to us from the Solar- Galactic field. I have written several newsletters about the Solar-Galactic Field and made several YouTube videos about it too, that you are welcome to check out. But, summarizing, there are energies that are pulsing from the center of the Galaxy to our Sun and then from our Sun are being transmitted to us here on Earth.These energies have a very “accelerating” effect on both physicality and consciousness. Consciousness is a form of energy and all in the Universe is conscious, including the Sun and the Galaxies, even if this flies very much against our very logical and materialistic dominant world view. There really is not much unconscious matter in our reality. So yes, energy affects consciousness and the galactic pulse has a consciousness enhancing agenda. It is an energy pulse that creates the opportunity for consciousness to rise, for those that are ready and willing.

If people are unwilling, this consciousness rising energy seems to have a very negative effect, as it intensifies patterns so much, that if not dealt with, they start to erupt into one’s life in not so great ways. It’s a time of “evolve or die” initiations. Literally, as it seems in the past this very same Galactic Pulse cleared the decks not just of individuals, but of many unwilling civilizations. I am thinking that it is best to be willing.
It seems that the Galactic Pulse is recurring and cyclical. However unlike the cycles of the planets in our solar system, none of which go beyond 300 years, this Galactic cycle is long and powerful. The jury is out on how many years there are in this cycle, if it be 13,000 or 26,000 or hundreds of thousands. However long this cycle is, this is something that has affected our Earth several times before. And when it has, civilizations have sometimes gone off the map, with new ones re-emerging a few years later, after a big process of reboot and cleanse.

Atlantis, Egypt and the Re-Boot of Civilizations

It seems that we were involved in this kind of galactic cycle when the Atlantean civilization vanished from our world and the Egyptian civilization was born. In some ways, our current western world is the offshoot of that first Egyptian seed. Especially behind closed doors, the ancient rulers of Egypt still reign, albeit in secret and via occult means. In fact, one could say that Pluto in Capricorn is the last attempt of the descendents of Egypt to continue to control the world that they seeded many thousands of years ago. And, contrary to much new age thinking, this Egyptian civilization seed was not a good thing, pretty dark in fact. Much of the current shift is about neutralizing that dark seed, restoring the light and the original codes that were damaged and lost during the Atlantean fall. It is time to seed something new. Its time to reclaim the original blueprints of humanity, so that the new humanity may be born.

So does this mean that our civilization is about to be wiped off the map and re-booted? In some ways. But the re-boot does not need to be a physical one. What needs to change is the energy of this world, its direction and intent. It is time for the direction of this world and of the Pluto in Capricorn rulers that in some ways still hold us hostage, to change. It is time for the underlying principles of life on planet Earth that are aligned with growth, love, life and spiritual maturity in a pervasive and consistent way may come back to life, blossom and bloom. We need to move away from a culture of money, greed and “power over” regardless of human tragedy and cost, towards one in which humanity rules itself and cares for each being within it, in compassion and empowering ways.

The Shift and our Relationship with Power

At the very essence of our current planetary transformation is OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH POWER. On this planet we have a very dysfunctional relationship with power. A fraction of the beings on this planet hold all the power and use it as a means to control, own, rule and dictate the paradigm and the reality that we collectively live, while the majority of others have no power at all. The majority of humanity do not own their reality as sovereign beings and live within a framework that is not of their creation. The few rule the many and the many go along with the program, often because they don’t really know what else to do. The planetary rulers have conditioned the people of the Earth to not own the “sacred power” for thousands of years. Hence we have a Battered Humanity Syndrome playing out at the planetary level, where humanity has been smacked around for so long, it has lost its self esteem and its own sense of identity.On top of that we use power badly between each other, as we mimic the abuse model top down. As above, so below.

Humanity’s Forgotten Identity

Humanity has forgotten, somewhere along the way, its twelfth-dimensionally-stranded DNA nature. It has forgotten its own nature as energetic being that spans many dimensions simultaneously beyond the physical. It has forgotten its own ability to work with reality as energy and its eternal connection to its Soul as a living entity, stemming from Source energy. And it has forgotten its own true history and the many incarnations of its collective being prior to the Altantean fall. It has forgotten its galactic origins and galactic seeding from light-based blueprints of being that precede the colonization of the hidden ones. And it ticks along, at one fraction of the voltage, energy and potential it can embody, with most of its original codes damaged or dormant, in a state of powerless, somnambulism and hypnosis.

As the energies of the Galactic-Solar Field knock yet again at the doors of consciousness, however, the codes are triggered and re-awakened. The sleep is stirred and disturbed and the lights of humanity’s true identity flicker back into being, if yet tentative. The relationship with one’s true being and one’s power come back online. And the journey into the healthy power of the light and into the multidimensional expansion begins. And as that identity and light are restored, gradually, the spell is broken. As we remember the true being and its ability to shift realities, a new collective reality is formed.

It is a time of monumental change. Caterpillars are turning into butterflies, worldwide.

The Shift and Karmic Relationships

On a personal level, this pulse often manifests as major drama as we attempt to clean up karmic tracks and stubborn engrained ways of being that we have been dragging along for many lifetimes. Mirroring the collective story, you may find yourself playing out themes revolving around power, powerlessness, control, abuse, identity, self-esteem, freedom, restriction, limitation, judgment, survival fears, psychic boundary violations and psychic tampering with situations and people in your own life. This is the journey back to self, personal power and personal light that is occurring at the collective level being played out in your own field. Often with people to whom you lost your power before, in past lives, during the time of the fall.

Many relationships at this time are heavily karmic. These relationships and how they are resolved are a part of this process of re-awakening. Know that if you are dealing with crazy-making relationship patterns right now, you are not alone, its epidemic. About 90% of the people that I know right now are dancing in some kind of karmic pattern with another, be it with family members, friends, coworkers or romantic partners. Some of this is a journey of reclaiming pieces that were lost, so your original light may be restored. As each of us engages in this journey and reclaims the lost parts of the self, as well as journeys back into balance through forgiveness and healing, the light is returned to both the self and the whole.

If you find yourself in these kind of dynamics, it is worthwhile exploring your past life and karmic issues with others at this time, as you may find that by doing so 1- You reach some kind of closure with unfinished multi-lifetime business that has been holding you both back for a long time; 2- You may find that in doing so you can call back to yourself parts of your being, energy, DNA and energy that was split off and lost and that you are now ready to re-integrate. 3- You may find that as you do so you clear the decks for the next stage of your life, in which these issues are dealt with and a new harmony and flow returns to all your relationships and to your being, as you integrate your original soul seed into being. This in turn then also helps the collective to integrate its collective soul. Personal work is always collective work, as each of is an atom of the whole and as we heal, so does our collective being. If you are stuck and do not know how to do this alone, find a healer with past life and DNA-work skills that can help you. Sometimes a bit of help can save a lot of strife and a lot of time.

In general it is wise to co-operate with the shift as much as you can at this time. If something crazy is taking place in your life invest time into shifting it, clearing it, dealing with it. Nothing gets to be swept under rugs at this time. The only way to go forward is to deal with things in head on and thorough ways. Ask universe for support and you will get it. As long as you are clear about your intent to grow, you will always get the support you need. Many of you are Souls from other galactic places and dimensions incarnated here at this time, to help unblock the post- Atlantean blockade. If so, you did not come here alone and you have big teams on other levels of reality that are right behind you, even if you have no awareness of them. And these teams have your back. Remember to call on your teams for support as you work through your stuff, at all times.

In closing

Between Pluto-Uranus square and Galactic waves of awakening – there is a lot going on at the moment on planet Earth. Never has being human been more interesting, as we are at the threshold of a fantastic and unprecedented renaissance, if we dare to unshackle, reclaim and unfold into our wholeness. To do so we must be willing to 1-Surrender all that is not for the highest good and be willing to let it go 2- Enter into a process of deep personal transformation, even if challenging 3- Let go of old paradigm thinking, ego drives and addiction to negative power 4- Complete old threads, so that we may rise above old patterns and come to closure with painful remaining streams of consciousness and experience 5- Invite into our being our original and true essence and original blueprint, at the DNA level, as multi-dimensional humans and as Souls 6- Journey beyond the limitations and illusions place upon us, so that we may re-experience the multi-dimensional nature of the world and our being. And from that place then bring and create true change for our planet.

Small stuff really ;-) And we can do it :-) — Lets make it the agenda for this holidays season and for 2014 <3

May we walk in beauty and love at all times :-)

Sending healing and love


Katie Lilac©2013 Katie Gallanti. All rights reserved. Katie Gallanti is a metaphysician, healer, teacher and writer. For further information email katiegallanti @ If re-posting, preferably re-post as a link to this blog, if cut and pasting, re-post in its entirety, with this copyright, author name and site as in this byline.

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Estrogen Dominance: A World Problem

Estrogen dominance reeks havoc in women’s bodies of all ages. There is epidemic now of infertility, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, fibroids, breast fibrosis, early menopause and even secondary hypothyroidism caused by excess estrogen and under-functioning thyroids and adrenals (and the three are often linked).

Estrogen dominance is not just a problem for women. Our current world is flooded with estrogen mimics and now boys are feminized as a result of that. Sometimes men can be estrogen dominant too and need progesterone to balance out the xeno-estrogens.

Xeno-estrogens: oil byproducts, plastics, growth hormone, fertilizers and pesticides and a host of other chemicals – very important to be aware of cures but also of causes.

There are hormonally active toxins in our environment that are as damaging and health destroying as carcinogens. They dont kill you necessarily, but destroy your quality of life. There is no quality of life when hormones are disrupted. Especially for women. Chronic fatigue, inflammatory issues, fibromyalgia , etc all a gift of our hormonally toxic environment.


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