September-December 2015 and the Solar Galactic Shift

light-gridI am posting here an article that I wrote and was published in Paradigm Shift Magazine in the UK last September – I am re-posting it here as the transition that I am describing here is still occurring – and in fact the light dark polarity clash is even intensifying at this time, as is the collective initiation ~ Here in the article I also talk of the healer/teacher/leader Souls and how they were completing their own lessons initiations and activations, so as to be of service  and help for the next stage, that was more collective – we are beginning to see the beginnings of that phase now with the France and Syria and all that is following from that now on an international level- although some healer/teachers are also still completing their own last few activations – small overlap for a few months. As far as the collective, remember that all that we are moving through is an initiation of sorts – we have to get through to the next level of our own collective evolution – and there are two players facings off as this occurs ~ how we tackle and solve what is occurring during the following year will be very important for our overall collective progress. Continue to set your intent for the highest and best outcome for all involved and for a transition into higher levels of collective being for us all with ease and grace :-)

starSeptember-December 2015 and the Solar Galactic Shift

September 2015 was been on the radar for many of the Light Forces for several months earlier this year, as predictions flooded the internet and social media, forecasting both great and ominous happenings, supposedly taking place around the Autumn Equinox of this year. Wave X, economic collapse, earthquakes, instant and abrupt awakenings and/or the ascension we should have experienced in December 2012, are just some of the things that were predicted for this time.

September was on my radar for a while as an important time also, although my perception of this time was mostly within the context of the completion of a long and gradual stepping up of the energy, which started in February 2014, and of the graduations of a large group front line Souls, which we could label as the “Leaders of the Shift”, or as I have called them in many of my prior articles, the First Wave. I saw the end of September 2015 as a window allowing for evolutionary completion for this extended Soul group of energetic forerunners, rather than as a period of cataclysmic and challenging events. Although challenging events that trigger the Soul growth of the collective as a whole are not to be excluded at this time.

To explain how I am interpreting the energy peaks of the September-December 2015 window and its associated shifts, I need to go back to a topic I have been writing about since early 2011, the Solar Galactic Shift. Feel free to look through this website and track my older articles and newsletters on this topic if you wish to read in more depth about the concepts I am about to summarize here.

The Solar Galactic Pulse and Shift

Every so many thousands of years, the Solar-Galactic clock reaches midnight, and the energy doorways open, that allow for a shift into a new day. When this happens, the Galactic Core begins to pulse growth accelerating and activating frequencies to the stars in its galactic system. And when this happens, said stars then step down the galactic energy to the planets that orbit them and the collectives of beings that inhabit them. This energy transmission gives those star systems an opportunity to 1) rise in frequency, 2) evolve into higher dimensional expressions, 3) stabilize into new levels of being and 4) manifest new realities, consciousnesses and systems within their collective worlds. That is, our worlds have the opportunity to evolve and change in a big quantum leap kind of way, both internally as consciousness and externally as world structures and collective realities.

Two EarthsThe Solar Galactic Shift and the Intensification/Clash of Polarities

It is important to understand that the Galactic Solar Pulse is a deeply accelerating energy, that can be used for good or ill, in the intensification of polarity. Under the influence of the pulse the dark polarity has an opportunity to become higher dimensional dark and the light polarity has an opportunity to become higher dimensional light. And depending on the dominant polarity in the collective, the collective itself has an opportunity to intensify its darkness or its light and make a shift into new dimensional levels of being.

We are currently at the height of one of these Solar Galactic processes. We have been receiving increasingly intense pulses from the Galactic Core for several decades, since the fifties and sixties, in fact. Each year the pulse becomes more intense and the acceleration more visible. In the past five years in particular, aided by the Pluto Uranus square, we have been witnessing a true intensification of this energy and the polarities associated with it. And, at the moment, as we head towards September 2015, we are reaching an apex of sorts in this process. The energy from the Galactic Core has been triggering a shift for many years, but we truly are reaching a peak in this energy right now. And many of the older and more advanced souls are completing their initiations at this time, so that they can assist the collective with the changes to come.

If you have been experiencing intense challenge, many of which deeply karmic in nature, during the past year and especially the past few months; and if you are usually one of the people who teaches, heals and leads in matters metaphysical and consciousness related, you are likely a part of this large group of forerunner Souls. And if you have done your evolutionary and karmic homework, you may find that, as we roll into fall, the lessons and testing you have been experiencing in this past year/eighteen months, will subside. And that more ease will return to your life, as you naturally slip into assisting others and the collective at large, who will be undergoing a process of growth similar to the one you have just completed.

newearth3The Shift as an Opportunity for Initiation and Evolutionary Testing

In many new age circles, traditionally, what we have called the Ascension has been seen as a purely positive step up of the light vibrations only, and an natural and effortless one, which happens just by virtue of being in the cosmic soup at this time, but this is not so. The dark is also stepping up, whilst also operating as growth catalyst and karmic trigger. The ultimate polarity of the Earth at the end of the shift process will be determined by the energetic vote of the collective. As individual beings and as a group being, in a free will zone such as the Earth plane, the Solar Galactic Shift keeps us engaged in sequential process of multiple personal and collective initiations surrounding the evolutionary and devolutionary use of will, intention and choice. Within the accelerated pulse, are we choosing light or dark? Service to self or service to others? Are we stepping up or stepping down? Meeting or not meeting our evolutionary challenges and tests? It is up to us and the choices we make in our evolutionary journey.

It is also important to know, that it is possible for individuals to meet their Soul target, and graduate individually on their chosen Soul path, while the collective does not. The evolutionary process of the individual soul and that of humanity as a whole do not always proceed together step by step. In fact, a common outcome for the Earth plane in prior cycles, has been that individuals made it through, while the collective as a whole did not. This time, however, we seem to be much closer to a collective graduation into positive polarity, although we are still a few years away from that completion. For right now, just the first group of forerunner souls is completing, the rest, if all goes to plan, will complete by the beginning of 2017, after which we will have enough dominance of positive polarity to create great changes.

The Polarity Clash in the World and in Our Personal Lives

The clash between light/dark polarities and light/dark agendas is particularly visible in the outer world at the moment, especially when we look into the power, economical and political structures of the world, where the clash between the mostly light orientated people and the still predominantly dark power representatives is becoming more and more obvious to all who are willing to look beyond ideological facades. And as the light frequency become the dominant vibration at the collective level, we are also seeing more and more exposure of scandal and corruption, as the holders of dark frequencies are being ousted, so that they may be gradually replaced by beings and structures of lighter vibrations. As the light continues to stabilize and establish itself at the collective level, we will see more and more of this chaos and subsequent exposure, until all structures of power will be of light vibration. And, at that point, a fully light orientated world will be born, in all its aspects.

comet-swooping-past-earth-space-750The Earth is Beginning to Switch Polarities

A fully positive power orientated world is something that we have not seen manifesting on planet Earth for many Solar Galactic cycles, as for the last several cycles (and there have been many), whilst many have used the energy to master their own individual vibrations and shifts, on the collective level, the Earth plane has often not been that successful in mastering the polarity clash, and rising back into full light vibration. In past cycles, this resulted in the dark polarity becoming the dominant vibration for the collective, often followed by a planetary reboot, as happened for example at the end of Atlantis.

Right now, however, much progress is being made, and, although the end result is still not one hundred percent certain, the light polarity is making extremely good progress. In fact, as a clairvoyant planetary energy worker, just a couple of weeks ago, I saw the polarity of several energy points on the Earth that had been dark strongholds for many cycles, switch back to light. I also saw many of the vibrational imprints of the original light mystery schools of the Earth coming back online. These are the original mystery schools of the original Earth of the seeding, who’s light and knowledge were erased from the collective consciousness at the end of the last post Atlantean Shift. Simultaneously, at the individual level, many of the forerunner Souls are completing their activations and now manifesting their original light seed DNA, in its full shimmer and glory, with all its corresponding energy bodies and light structures in place. The human prototype, which was designed to be a vehicle for multidimensional consciousness, is gradually being restored to its full functionality and potential.

Screen-Shot-2014-04-03-at-12.15.04-pmThe Original Grids Have Been Restored and New Ones are Activating

Another phenomena that has been happening as we master our collective initiations is that the Original Consciousness Grids of the Earth are being restored. These are not the Earth Grids associated with the lay lines that many talk of, but energetic consciousness grids that surround the Earth and that serve as anchor point for very specific light frequencies that have been seeded on this planet at various stages of its evolution. Many of these grids collapsed and were lost at the end of the last cycle, but for three years now, they have been gradually re-installing and re-activating, allowing for the refined light frequencies of our higher dimensional past to be available once more. We are currently in the process of activating new consciousness grids, as new energies are grounding here now from the highest of dimensions. Just last week I saw a new platinum grid anchoring, with crystalline structures and shimmer, and the Earth Being as a whole looked happier and more expanded than I had ever seen her before.

frequency-shiftThe Earth is Regaining Her Shimmer

So, despite the clashing of polarities that is to be expected at this juncture as the Earth plane, as collectives make their choice as to the dominant frequencies for the future Earth; and despite the intensity and chaos that is often experienced as we walk through our evolutionary tests, all is well in our world. And in fact, if we continue in this direction, we will be heading for a full light reality that has never been experienced to this extent in our world before. And we will, for the first time, experience the Earth plane as the place it was created to be before the duality split: a place of great natural and energetic beauty, housing expansive light filled multidimensional consciousnesses of all kinds. And all will be working cooperatively in the creation of a new Earth.

In the meantime, may you master all you came here to learn and may you continue to proudly assist in this amazing rebirthing process… may you be all you came here to be… and may you remember that it is an honor to be here at this time, even when the path is steep. Remember to call for higher dimensional assistance at any time, as you are not alone with this process. So many beings are here watching and assisting, as well as your own personal guidance team. All just one free will request away. And all very thankful for your contribution to this great group journey and willing to support you in both your personal growth and in the actualization of your mission for the world at large.

May you walk in beauty as you actualize the new world to be

Katie Plus Councils

Katie Lilac©2015, Katie Gallanti. Katie Gallanti is a multidimensional healer, metaphysics teacher, planetary energy worker, whose primary purpose is to assist the Earth plane with all aspects of the consciousness shift we are currently undergoing, both individually and collectively. If you need assistance with your own personal energy activation or karmic/energy clearing process, feel free to contact Katie via this website. You can also request to be added to the quarterly newsletter. If re-posting this article, please re-post in its entirety, with a link to this post/article, and the authors name, website, and copyright byline. Thank you! :-)

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Light, Dark and the Occulted Egypt


There is mass confusion out there about Ancient Egypt, the history there and what it represents for us… First of all we have been given a bogus history, as Egypt is much older than traditional archaeology and history books would have us believe. Egypt also had many stages, several of which have been occulted, hidden or forgotten. The one in the history books is the most recent one, but there were at least two stages prior to the Egypt we know in mass culture.

I have vivid past life memories of my Egypt lives of which I have had many. Only in one of these lives I actually looked the way people perceive “Egyptians”, Cleopatra style. In several of those lives I was not from Earth, that is, I was a being from a different star system. In many of those lives I had very distressing experiences connected to the demise of a certain chapter of our Earth. Writing a book about all this, so I will not delve further. But let me just say that we are very much now in the process of reclaiming the light that was lost on our planet many moons ago. There was a time in which the pyramids were light and aligned with the highest of mystery schools. During those times they were not made of stone. The stone pyramids were a replacement of light structures, now lost. Much turned to stone that was light…and now much that is stone is being lit up again and re-infused with light, as we gradually close off old dark energetic doorways and open new light orientated ones  or re-activate dormant structures, which is has been a great part of my behind the scenes planetary energy work of the past three years.

So, reclaiming the light for this planet, also means reclaiming the light of our history lost and the mystery and power of the symbols and artifacts that have been co-opted and distorted. As we know from our study of mass programming techniques, co-opting and re-routing is something that happens a lot on this planet. Seeds of good and seeds of creation are re-routed to serve other agendas, or at least this has been the trend of the past 15,000/20,000 years. And sometimes, we have to go and fix what was derailed and reclaim it back. As always, we cannot re-enter the same river twice, as the flow of life is constantly changing. It is so, therefore, that “reclaiming” often looks more like rebooting at a higher octave, rich of all of the experience that we have had in the thousands of years that have gone by, plus our current added planetary light. Many old and new souls here with very high consciousness contributing to the opening of new levels of collective consciousness at this time. The tapestry we are weaving is a wonder to behold and Earth 6.0 ( we have been through many re-boots) may soon be our best creation yet.

Sometimes we can bake a beautiful chocolate cake, with fantastic ingredients, but somehow the flavors are too rich and people are not ready for the full expression of that creation. Or maybe people need to taste something pretty bad, before they can truly appreciate a perfect flavor… and so it is, that the beautiful cake recipe gets shelved for a while. And then one day, its time for a great banquet and time to bake again… maybe with some added silver sprinkles and grated Belgian truffles…and the cake is even better than it was before…

And so it is that after great preparation, we, The Earth Collective, prepare once again for a great banquet… the collective energy is ripe again, not only for transformation, but for the download and activation of the full beauty of its being… and one that we will appreciate and understand so much more, because of the steep climb out of a dark well, lasting many cycles… but the time for celebration, if we use our will well,  is near…

Until then, we continue to walk our process… until then, we continue our climb upwards, encountering many tests, but also experiencing much reclaiming of memory, knowledge, mystery and revelation…Our Soul knew that this lifetime would be a challenging but memorable journey through bushes of thorns, as we walk to the peak of the mountain… but it also knew that from there we would enjoy mesmerizing vistas… And that the climb would be worth the expansion…

Much love to you all as you walk your on part of this collective path….

May you be blessed with love, abundance and beauty…


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Personal Impact of the Last Pluto-Uranus Square

644033_671445319533437_1075166527_nI was going to write a big article about the Pluto Uranus square and I may get to it by the weekend, we shall see. On the fly, however, a reminder that we are entering the last leg of the Pluto Uranus square that started in 2010, which will be exact on March 16th/17th, at 15 degrees Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn planets between 13-and 17 degrees activated). However this is pretty much a seamless transition from the 6th square of December 15th, which was at 13 Cardinal. For many the square has been active all winter. There may be some surprises for people who have the 15 degrees planets, but the 12, 13 and 14 degrees peeps have been activated for several months now and in fact this is going to be the last swipe for them and by the end of March they may be breathing a sigh of relief after a long four month run of not-fun-at-all wink emoticon

In general, the last Pluto-Uranus square is a cause for celebration. This has been an intense life stripping energy that has stomped on all of our childhood issues and activated all residual karma, both personally and collectively. It has been triggering our stuff left right and center and bringing it to the surface so it can be released once and for all. The process of the past 5 years has not been a gentle one. We have been in the fast spin cycle of a supersonic cosmic washing machine, rinsing us out so thoroughly as to make the whole house vibrate, highlighting all the cracks in the foundation, so we may washed clean and fixed up into the deepest little crevices of our being.

For those that have been through the Pluto-Uranus treatment, it may feel that you have been stripped of all you held dear and tested beyond your ability to withstand. Know that the purpose of this is not to break you, but to heal you. Sometimes one has to break a bone that set wrong, so that it can be set right. Its not pleasant, but it is still healing. The Pluto-Uranus square will strip from you all that is unhealthy or outdated, be it patterns or people, so that you may have the clean slate from which to start anew at a higher vibration, if this is what your Soul requires. For some this may have happened gradually over the past 5 years. For those in the last ten degrees of the cardinal signs and the non cardinals it may not have happened at all. For those with planets in the first 16 degrees of cardinal signs this will have been a time of very deep transformation and some may find that their lives as they knew them are no longer the same. For those in the 12 to 16 degree window, the changes may still be too fresh to fully integrate and understand.

Many of us pathwalkers are and have been downloading some of our highest dimensional bodies during this time. This goes in tandem with the issues clearing, as the more we clear the more we can download. Its a little ironic that the initial step of downloading our highest light may feel quite unpleasant, as the light helps highlight the blockages and places that still needed healing, but this is the way it is during these first stages. The process is one of stops and starts, where light is downloaded, which activates more trauma triggers and blockages; that lead to more clearing, so more light can come in; which activates more of our stuff, that we then can see and clear and so on…. This process of stops and starts continues until we reach a stable point of completion, where the higher dimensional bodies we had agreed to download pre-birth, settle in, in a stable way. And that completion point may be different from Soul to Soul, as we dont all have the same evolutionary goals at onset. We are all here together, but also on our own personal journey.

The process can be unpleasant in places, but our own evolution aside, it is good to remember that we agreed to this, as a group, because the collective activation of a higher dimensional collective Earth reality happens one human energetic body at a time. As each of us shifts, the collective gradually also shifts. Eventually the higher dimensional bodies of humanity and Earth itself can anchor in full. And this is the primary incarnational goal for many of the light holders that chose to embody here as planetary midwives and facilitators during this accelerated window of time. You know who you are and you know if you have planetary contracts and if this applies to you.

The good news is that first wavers and second wavers are now nearing their completion, with first wavers completing end of March and second wavers completing end of June beginning of July. A third wave seem to be completing in the fall, and so on (see articles on my website from last year about first wave and second wave references). This process has been coupled with the Pluto-Uranus square, but is actually technically more linked to a larger galactic cycle. It just so happens that these two cycles are peaking roughly at the same time and I am sure there is no coincidence in that.

On the whole, 2015 seems to be a big year of completions and new beginnings, especially for the older souls, who have been especially tested during the past couple of years, so that they could reach their completions at this time. There is a timetable to this process. The completions and endings have been kind of rough, and for some it may feel like nothing in one’s life is left standing as all the old forms leave to make room for new vibrational lives, but I am being told that much shinier vistas are just around the corner. Summer seems to carry with it the energy of new frequencies, golden and silver light anchoring in full for those parked in the realities of the higher collective consciousness streams.

So lets hang on for another blast of intensity as the last square approaches and then wanes during this month of March/first weeks of April. Remember that this is a huge opportunity for healing and shifting, and one that wont come around in this particular astrological form for several decades, so do your best to embrace the changes rather then fight them. Go with the flow of the wave. As unsettling as the Pluto-Uranus square has been in its intensity, we can be grateful for its vitamix qualities of grinding down our blockages so that we can emerge as the smoothest of smoothies wink emoticon And we can be grateful for all the lessons of karmic completions, personal power, boundaries, and personal change that it has brought with it. I am sure we will be even more grateful in hindsight as we integrate and understand the reasons for all that we have experienced and lived during the past few years, once the new beginnings set in. For now, hold tight and stand in faith …

May you walk in beauty and blessings


Katie Lilac©2015 Katie Gallanti. All rights reserved. .  Katie Gallanti is a metaphysician, healer, intuitive, teacher and writer. For further information email katiegallanti @ . If re-posting, preferably re-post as a link to this blog, if cut and pasting, re-post in its entirety, with this copyright and bio byline.

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Assisting Without Overstepping: Common Pitfalls of the Spiritually Inclined

999897_10200249851393802_230484914_nAs we awaken on the spiritual path and we begin to remember and integrate higher truths, as well as new abilities and skills, many of us are very excited with the experience of expansion this brings. Our lives suddenly feel more meaningful and we are exposed to experiences that often feel nothing less than extraordinary. May it be awareness of realities beyond the veil or the awakening of powerful psychic and healing abilities, we suddenly feel much bigger and larger than the three-dimensional selves we formerly knew ourselves to be. For many awakening spiritually also comes with a strong inner feeling of being part of a greater whole. Many experience a calling to something greater than themselves and a renewed sense of purpose. It is only natural and understandable therefore that many of us can’t wait to share our new perceptions, applying our new found knowledge of energy work, intuitive insight and multidimensional perspectives to the benefit of our friends, families and loved ones.

Our desire to spread our new skills, knowledge and insights is natural and in many ways quite wonderful. We feel that with our new found wisdom we can easily intervene and help others with their journey, providing them with the exact shift in perspective or with just the right tool and powerful healing that they need in order to improve their lives. With our valuable input, we reason, we obviously can support those around us to shift and improve their lot in powerful ways. With our help friends, family and loved one can easily begin to actualize their potential and create more positive experiences. So, armed with the best of intentions, we venture out to provide exactly that help, giving that advice, sharing that psychic insight, offering that healing technique and the help we perceive people need. However, even if at a first glance this would seem like a great way to contribute to others’ well-being, we must be aware of some of the spiritual laws that govern this plane. And we also need to understand the dynamics of personal growth from the perspective of Soul evolution and the nature of psychic boundaries.

Free Will and Soul Evolution

The Earth plane is a reality where Free Will is the name of the game. Souls that incarnate in this plane choose to experience free will as the backdrop through which to evolve. Once incarnated here, free will is not an option or a choice; it is the foundational metaphysical framework within which this reality manifests. Souls choose to incarnate here so that they may learn to evolve in ways that empower them through the appropriate use of personal will, developing the ability to choose between evolutionary and devolutionary options. Karma in many ways is a bi-product of the fee will zone, as karma is the feedback loop on the consequences of one’s choices. Choice and learning how to choose wisely, in alignment with integrity and higher will, even when uncomfortable, is actually part of the testing and initiations that all souls face as they evolve here. Choices and the ability to choose are in many ways the reason for being for the nature of polarity in itself. There would not be good vs bad, darkness vs light, love vs fear manifesting both here, outside of the context of developing the ability to choose between polar opposites or transcend the polarities all together. These kinds of evolutionary choices create an opportunity for alignment between the personal will and the Will of the Soul and the Highest Expression of Will. It is the proactive act of choosing that which is higher that aligns the personality to the Higher Will. It is the proactive embracing of Soul aligned choices that furthers a person’s Soul growth.

The main lesson on this plane of reality is that of aligning the personality with the Soul, while shrouded in density and blinded by the veil. Using the correct alignment of the personal will towards Higher Will and progressively marrying a love based perspective (or as some call it Service to Others), the personality gradually seeks further and further closeness to the Soul’s agenda. A being in incarnated form is always seeking this alignment and growth, often following mysterious Soul driven pathways of Earth plane experience which do not always make a huge amount of sense when seen from an Earth perspective. A dysfunctional relationship may be exactly what a person needs to complete and re-balance a karmic cycle as an abuser in previous lifetimes or to transcend a multi-lifetime pattern of abuse. A seemingly non fulfilling job may be exactly what a person needs to develop skills needed to carry out a Soul purpose that will activate 10 years down the line. It is easy, without a true Soul perspective, to hinder rather than help when intervening to fix what seems wrong in other people’s lives.

Be Subtle and Non-Invasive With Your Help

Exercise discernment with your interventions and guidance when dealing with others. Seek to empower and to help, paying careful attention not to take people away from their Soul lessons, their Soul’s path and their opportunities for proper use of free will. Do not intervene uninvited. Respect the timing and free will of the person’s personality.

Be mindful that at times people are not ready to hear what you have to say or for your intervention. They may not be in a place where they can understand where you are coming form, but they also may be overloaded in their experience and your intervention may actually tip them over the edge. Therapists know very well, for example, that it’s not wise to go poking around into people’s trauma, as you can trigger them or unbalance them more they can currently cope with. Therapists will often spend considerable time with their clients building trust and safety and making sure the client has coping tools sufficient for exploring deep trauma. Be very mindful when dealing with other people’s psyche and do not play with other people’s psychic material lightly. Especially when dealing with other people’s early psychic baggage and possible fragmentation, tread lightly.

Always make sure people actually want your help, if you get signs that you have gone too far, triggered someone, invaded someone’s privacy with your psychic-ness and or getting resistance, do not push further, as some people do, thinking the person’s resistance needs to be broken. Be respectful of who is in front of you at all times and if you get a no, apologize for overstepping and back off. Do not assume that you know better than the person in front of you what they need. Deliver careful guidance, intervene only when asked and be precise with the quantity and quality of the help you offer.

Be Compassionate, Non-Judgmental and Stay Clear of New Age Platitudes

It can be even easy for us to intervene in misguided ways, even when armed with the best of intentions. Be compassionate of people’s process and sit beside them, not above them. Being present with another person’s pain and process is often the biggest gift that you can give. Stay in your heart and listen. Offer soothing and comfort. Offer advice if asked. When offering advice, try to stay clear of new age platitudes. There is a rampant disease in the spiritual community that is that of telling people who are going through painful experiences to be positive, that they are in victim consciousness or that they created whatever they are going through, be it the death of a child or a diagnosis of terminal cancer. While there is some truth to the fact that we create our own reality, it is not as simple as delivered by the Law of Attraction, new age bestseller style. Our reality is far more complex, as we create as much from the Soul level as we do with our thoughts and feelings. Do not assume you know why something is happening to someone. Be humble. Do not lecture. And pay attention to timing. Human beings have emotional bodies. When traumatized by things like death of a loved one, sudden break ups, being fired from a job, abuse, often the mind body energetic system of that person goes through a period of chaos. The energy systems go through some shattering and it can take a bit of time for all the pieces to come back together. This is natural. And to expect someone to immediately go back to balance according to lofty spiritual ideals is not realistic and will make the person feel shut off and judged. Presence, in the heart, always the best at these times.

Be Mindful of Other Peoples Soul’s Journey and Psychic Boundaries

One of the very simple and foolproof ways to make sure we are respecting another Soul’s journey is to not offer unsolicited advice, help or guidance. It is almost always better to wait for another to ask for our help. For a start this is when they are going to be most receptive to hearing it. And it is respectful of the other person’s timetable for Soul growth. If we feel guided to offer help regardless, it is good to ask people if they want our feedback and support, before we deliver any insight, healing or psychic messages. This gives people the opportunity to assess whether they want you to access their field or deliver them psychic information. Any other approach, aside from potentially being unhelpful, constitutes a violation of psychic boundaries. This rule is also important to keep in mind between friends who are mutually psychic.

Just because friends are psychic and exchange psychic information with one another at times, this does not mean that they are allowing 24/7 access to each other’s energy field at all times. Friends still have a right to their own privacy and to decide what they want to share, what they want help with and when. Remember to check with each other if feedback is wanted first. Make this a habit with all the people you know. And make sure that when you ask people permission to access them, to do so in a way in which they feel free and comfortable in declining your offer. Reassure them that you will not take offense. And if you find that you cannot have your help declined without feeling hurt, check your motives for offering help in the first place. You may have a hidden agenda, unconscious even to yourself.

Trust in People’s Ability to Follow Their Soul’s Path

In general, develop an attitude of trust. Trust that your loved ones have the ability to grow and to follow their own Soul’s guidance. Trust that Spirit is supporting them in growing as much as it is supporting you. Trust that each one of us is taken care of by Source in wonderful if yet mysterious ways. Making sure that things work out is not all up to you. The universe would never overwhelm you with that kind of burden. Your intervention may be necessary and welcome, but also consider it may be a way for you to reduce your own anxiety and fears that your loved ones are unable to change. Observe your energy of your offer of help. Recognize that when you offer healing or guidance to others based on a belief that they are unable to change on their own, that you are sending them an unconscious message that they do not have the strength, power or ability to take charge of their own lives, to listen to their Soul or to heal. Or that in some way you think that what they are doing, how they are handling things is wrong. These messages are dis-empowering to the person you are assisting. And it may even block them in their evolution.

You will have noticed that people often resist attempts for healing and intervention. It is not necessarily the healing attempt or the offer that they are resisting, but the hidden agenda or the negative unconscious message that they are receiving from us that state that they are not good enough or that they are not able to handle their own lives or that they are doing something wrong. Healing offered from this place is always met with some degree of resistance and rarely produces positive change. Notice when people resist your help and check if there are any negative messages you are sending out.

An Offer of Healing is Not Always an Offer of Love

An offer of healing can sometimes be an attempt to manipulate, control, gain status or overpower. Make sure your offerings are coming from a high place, devoid of a lower-self agenda. Many of us slip into this one from time to time and some of us, still a little young on the path, do this on a regular basis. We offer healing that looks like support, but that is actually a way for us to get our foot in the door of the other person’s psyche, so we can manipulate or control outcomes; or so that we may feel superior or more powerful than them, in our position of know-it-all healer or psychic. This can be a misguided way to boost one’s self-esteem. Or to boost a power hungry ego. And make no mistake, the spiritual new age arena is full of people with power agendas. Spiritual ego is one of the biggest pitfalls of the spiritual path and one of the easiest to fall for. This sounds really devious and you may be tempted to say “No, I do not do that”, but look again, as it can be subtle. Observe yourself. Also observe others. If you have people in your life that do this regularly, and consistently offer your insights and advice that end up with you feeling bad about yourself or that you have been subtly or not so subtly being put down, you may want to reconsider the association or take the advice with a pinch of salt.

Resist the Temptation to Influence and Manipulate

This one is especially tempting between people in a relationship, family members or close friends. “If only so and so would wake up and see that he needs to do X. If he did X, like I believe he should, his life would shift. Let me subtly suggest to him that he do X. How can I get him to do X”. The truth is, who knows if X is what is best for this person. It may be, it may be not. It may be that going down this so called “wrong” road is the quickest path towards change for this person. The quickest path this Soul has chosen to hit bottom with his patterns, so that he may make an abrupt U-turn. It is wiser to not assume that we know what is good for another. We may think we do, but often we don’t. Especially with our loved ones, we are often too close to see clearly. Also we may want was is best of our close person, but often this is actually us wanting them to behave in a way that makes them easier for us to handle. Always keep in mind that your perspective may be skewed by your own personal goals and aim to be as neutral as you can with regards to other’s choices and path.

Examine Your Own Agendas

It is always best for our interventions to be pondered carefully, stripped of the lower self agenda and delivered tactfully and with precision. Where am I coming from in offering advice? Did my friend ask for this advice? Why do I feel I need to give it anyway? Is it to make myself feel better? To affirm my self-image as a wise one and powerful one? Or so that I do not feel anxiety about their stuckness? Is it about trying to change this person’s behavior so as to eliminate the problems I perceive they are creating in my life? Is it so that I can get the person to change according to my agenda? Am I doing this for me or for them? Always tune in with yourself and your guidance before offering advice or healing. Examine your motives. If you work with guides, ask your guides for an effective and agenda free delivery. Ask if what you are doing is truly for the benefit of their Soul or if it is actually for your own benefit. About 80% of the time you will find yourself deciding that non-intervention is the highest path, as it may be the option that is most trusting and most honoring of the other and their chosen path. There will also be times in which strong advice or warning is needed and this is ok, especially if the person in some ways has appointed you as their teacher.

Teach Through Example, Rather than Telling People What To Do

The best way to advise and teach those close to us is almost always through example. Model the behavior you want the other to embrace. Follow your own path with integrity and soon others will do the same. Focus on filling yourself with light and love and joy and forgiveness and see how quickly people will gravitate towards you and ask you for your support directly. Embody the vibration of love within your own life and quickly others will follow suit. Set the energy, lift the vibration and other soon will raise to match your consciousness stream, coming into resonance with your positivity, passion and joy. Release your loved ones from your expectations and from the judgments of what they are doing wrong. Love them unconditionally for who they are. You will notice that this alone, this unconditional acceptance, will often give them the freedom they need to transform. They may choose a different way from the one you would have chosen for them. And they may transform away from you. Let this be ok with you. Allow your loved ones to change in the way most harmonious for their Soul’s growth and ask Spirit to support you if any separations occur. Know that there will always be an abundance of love for you and many friends and loved ones for you to play with, even if the names of the people around you may happen to change, as is often the case with people traveling on pathways of accelerated evolution. Allow for transformation to happen around you in the most natural and unhindered ways, trusting that all is well.

Support People’s Change Energetically

Offer support to others by holding high and positive images of them. If people close to you are behaving in ways that you feel challenging, hold evolved images of them in your mind and treat them as if they were already evolved. When we hold evolved images of our loved ones, every time they think of us they tap into their highest essence. Every time they interact with us, they rise to their highest expression. Our judgments and our making them wrong, ironically trap them into lower behaviors, as they respond to our lower broadcast about who they are in kind. Keep your images high, even the images you have of yourself. Hold images of yourself as loving, patient, allowing and positively supportive. Or as a tower of strength and precisely targeted and tactful truth, if your gift is that of strong medicine. Empower the people around you with a steady broadcast of love. Bless your loved ones and friends with an energetic transmission of trust and faith in their potential and of their ability to grow as their Soul desires. Become a transmission station broadcasting love and trust and visions of fulfilled potential to all the people in your life. And watch the miracles unfold. And know that by doing so, you are setting the energy templates for others to follow, creating powerful collective change one person at a time. Thank you for your powerful contribution to an evolved humanity. May you be blessed as you walk the path of your Soul.

Katie Lilac©2015 Katie Gallanti. All rights reserved. .  Katie Gallanti is a metaphysician, healer, intuitive, teacher and writer. For further information email moc.l1579748479iamto1579748479h@itn1579748479allag1579748479eitak1579748479 . If re-posting, preferably re-post as a link to this blog, if cut and pasting, re-post in its entirety, with this copyright and bio byline.

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Shattering Stress and Trauma, Returning to Energetic Wholeness

295387_10201165751174193_1969913867_nThere can be occasions in which situations can be so stressful to the point where one begins to break apart. This can be high conflict situations, karmic testing experiences, abusive dynamics with others or any situation that pushes us to the brink of our endurance. We all have a limit as to what we can withstand and when that limit is reached, we start to fragment. Children are particularly vulnerable to this, as their energy structure is still very delicate. But adults can break too, shattering under pressure, slipping into chaotic states or even having a nervous or physical breakdowns. There are systems in the body (adrenals, nervous systems, energy bodies) that can only take so much upheaval, after which they begin to also fall apart. We are tough beings, but we also have limits. Recognizing where those limits are and pulling back our energy for repair when nearing breach, is an important self-preservation move. Not having that self-preservation point, is often a sign of early experiences of neglect, where the child was not taught to take care of itself in appropriate ways.

In extreme times (and many are reporting going through extreme times, as we navigate the last stretch of the Pluto-Uranus energies, now inching towards their March grand finale), it is important to remember who you are energetically. Cut all energetic cords between self and the discordant situations or people, if any are part of the equation. Re-call all your light to yourself. Call back all the parts of the self that have been scattered from the stress or the pain. Call them back to the center and to the core of your being.

It also helps to energetically anchor to the original soul blueprint of the Self on the higher dimensions and to bring it back into one’s physical vehicle, as this will automatically restore balance and a true sense of self. And if any dark energy penetrated one’s field, as the dark hitchhikers like to take a ride on a fragmented energy, expel the darkness from your field. Then repair any parts of the field that have been damaged with golden threads of light. Then shield the energy field with a thick glass-like wrapper of transparent light, for ongoing protection.

Also allow for all the stress/pain that has overloaded your system to breaking point to dissipate and dissolve. This can be old pain, new pain, old trauma or new. Often the areas of most stress are the ones that trigger old scars and wounds. See the stress/pain leave and evaporate like mist in the morning sun. Spin out of your field any residue of shattering energy and call to yourself the highest manifestation of your essence, knowing that you can heal instantly from all trauma and all exposure to darkness. It does not have to take years, if you are ready to release, right now. Huddle the inner children towards the center of your being and create a ring of protection around them. Flood them with healing stemming right from the center of Creator, so that they may heal, feel loved and safe.

Continue to do this every day and as you do, repeat as your mantra:

“I now return to my wholeness. I forgive all transgressions from all lives past and present, while I reclaim my full divine self. I see innocence in all players, while also doing what is needed to take care of and protect my being and light.

I re-instate my being-ness of love and also my power as a carrier of light. I restore in myself the parts of myself that have been broken or forgotten or repressed. I integrate and heal all the parts of myself, repairing all fractures, with grace and ease.

I recognize the power of Creator and the aspects of myself that are Creator to restore all beauty, all health, all love all joy, all self worth, all wholeness into my being in instant and miraculous ways.

My wholeness is but one thought and one light blueprint away. I embrace all my experiences as pathways of growth, while also giving myself permission to move away from those experiences of pain once my lessons have been fully learned.

I now give myself permission to experience only enhancing and healing connections. As I project my own healing light into the outer world, I encounter an abundance of positive healing reflections of light in all my interactions.”

May you reclaim all pieces of yourself and shine your wholeness to all corners of the world. May your being cocoon and transform into the butterfly of gold you always were and were always meant to be.

And also remember to send light to any “bad guys” in your story, in both present time and in the stories of wounding of your past, as most people are just innocent in their inability to hold a strong field and to see clearly the effects of their actions. Hardly any soul would hurt another if they truly understood the magnitude of the effects of their actions. Most people who harm others do so, out of their own inability to manage their own emotions, out of their inability to stay connected to the truth and vulnerability of their own being and to the feedback loop of their own feelings. They have disconnected to their own true self and source of light. Ultimately all is just trauma talking to trauma. And all trauma is just a wound begging for healing. Additionally many “bad guys” are “bad” by soul appointment, so that you may develop a soul quality, clear a blockage or some old karma. In many ways one can be grateful to the agents of one’s temporary undoing, as they shine a powerful light on something that needs to be understood at a deep level, healed or overcome.

May all sources of stress, pain and their root causes find healing and be healed for all beings on planet Earth, so we may move away from the world of wounded reactions, into a world of new creations of love.

Much love

Katie Gallanti

Katie Lilac©2014 Katie Gallanti. All rights reserved. Katie Gallanti is a metaphysician, healer, teacher and writer. For further information email katiegallanti @ . If re-posting, preferably re-post as a link to this blog, if cut and pasting, re-post in its entirety, with this copyright, author name and site and this byline.

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Planetary Shift Dynamics

InfiniteDNAActivationFor some years now, I have been talking and writing about this time of Earth Transformation. I have never viewed this as a time in which catastrophe hits, movie style. Or in which we “ascend and leave our bodies behind”, new age style. I have however always seen this transition time as the apex point of an ongoing and multi-decade long shift in consciousness, with a definite energetic/physical component to it. And as a time holding both individual and collective level significance.

The Physical Level of The Shift

The physical component of this shift has became clearer to me, in the last few years, after several experiences of out of body travel to the Sun. Over the last few years, in fact, I have found myself frequently taken, in out of body state, to the center of the Sun while carrying out various kinds of planetary work or healing work. I have written about these astral travel experiences in previous newsletters and posts,  so I will not go into the details of this again here. As a result of these out of body journeys, I began to understand that the shift of consciousness we are undergoing is intrinsically linked to a physical shift within our solar system, governed by a pulse wave transmitted from the center of our Galaxy.

The center of the Galaxy, for those that are not so familiar with astronomy, is a black hole. And it seems that there is more to black holes than meets the eye. Scientists know that black holes, represented as mathematical singularities in the fabric of space, are places in which, at least from a traditional physics point of view, gravity goes rapidly to infinity. The gravitational pull is believed to also create an exponential increase in the density of matter and of the suction effect of the black hole on all matter around it. The gravitation field in black holes is so strong that they are believed to suck in even photons, i.e. light. From my own experiences of astral travel (I have traveled several times into the black hole area at the center of the galaxy), black holes seem to be also doorways through which one can travel into other realities. I have slipped through black holes and found myself hovering over the center of other galaxies. And I have also felt the energy of center of our Galaxy, which felt very conscious and powerful.

Just as the stars and planets and galaxies in this universe, in fact, black holes are conscious and speak to us through transmissions of energy. The black hole at the center of our galaxy has been transmitting an ever increasing consciousness pulse for the past sixty odd years and many have believed that this pulse of consciousness/energy should be reaching an apex around December 21st 2012.

While I believe that the date had some significance as the solstice of an important time in the shift, I have intuitively always felt that the apex of the shift is more like a window in time, shaped very much like a Gaussian bell curve, beginning around 1940, peaking around 2010-2015, overlapped with the Pluto Uranus square, and that will continue to pulse, although progressively and gradually decreasing in intensity, for several decades to follow, but in reverse order, most likely for as many years as there were prior to the shift. Now that’s a thought ;-)  Seems our work is not done yet ;-) See also my articles in this blog about The Earth, the Timelines and The Node and the many ramifications of consciousness and futures at this time. As well as the many doorways that are opening, allowing for many different waves of souls to shift in groups during said 2010-2015 window (guides are now whispering 2017, so… hmmm…things are constantly shifting)

The Consciousness Level of the Shift

At the consciousness and spiritual level, the highly activating energies steaming from the center of the galaxy are causing us to clear energetically very rapidly. This manifests on the Earth plane as spontaneous clearings of chakras, cells, bodies, energy fields and as the acceleration of our karma.

Accelerated karmic clearing takes the form of intense experiences, relationships, illnesses, situations that are repeats of past life experiences seeking resolution. And that only resolve when either the lesson behind these experiences is understood and integrated, when the past life is recalled and cleared energetically or when the life is resolved on the inner planes, via hypnosis or inner dialogue regression work.

While there are indeed beings that oversee the amount of karma we bring into each incarnation and the mechanisms and degrees via which we transmute such karma, the experience of karma in many ways is an energetic phenomena, as past life experiences are stored as energetic imprints inside the cells, specifically within the DNA. And since the DNA generates the patterns within the energy field and chakras, we can also say that karmic imprints are stored within the energy field and chakra levels too.

As the potent energies from the Galactic Center and Sun enter our energy field, they encounter these karmic and energy patterns stored within us. They stimulate these patterns with light and “activate” them. This means that the energy signatures that were dormant are now awake and switched on. And, depending on what these energy signatures are – a karmic blockage, a childhood blockage or a positive attribute – they will manifest in different kinds of experiences. Some of these experiences can be very challenging, such as re-experiencing of old patterns or re-magnetizing past life scenarios; others can be very positive activations, such as higher levels of our multidimensional being coming online or an increase in psychic abilities and awareness. All of these experiences are a big part of what is and has been happening during the collective shift that we have been undergoing, in an ongoing and increasing way, since the forties/fifties.

This has been in many ways a grand multi-decade initiation, in which brave multidimensional beings, who wanted to both assist in the evolution of a large group of Souls and face the challenge of clearing and resolving all that was left open ended from all their own multi-lifetime soul  record, have incarnated here to experience one of their most difficult and testing lives.

From the Soul’s perspective the “Galactic Consciousness Weather of the Shift” has been seen as a great opportunity to make an unprecedented leap in soul light all in one go. If you have felt that in this life you have lived multiple incarnations in one body or that you have experienced what seems like never ending intensity, especially during the last fifteen years or so, know that you are not alone. We have managed to cram an unprecedented amount of experiencing in just a few years. Many at this point are reaching the core of their release process and are also getting very tired: this has not been a walk in the park. As we move forward, the next few years will be more about integration and rebuilding. You will be happy to know that the karmic fast track spin cycle is not going to last forever and will eventually be coming to a close .

The Transmission’s Effects

The pulse of light is being transmitted from the black hole at the center of our Galaxy to our Sun, and from the Sun to the Earth and all beings that inhabit it, has also been triggering a gradual wave of collective awakening, which in many ways is a direct result of energy clearings and activations that have been spontaneously occurring at the individual level.

While “The Collective Shift” may not be as metaphysically dramatic as some people had hoped or anticipated – ascension, losing bodies, moving into different dimensions in a very noticeable way – I don’t think any of us can deny that the collective has been gradually awakening for many decades. We have had changes in a number of fields, both positive and negative, but overall there has been an increase in awareness across the board in the fields of physics, metaphysics, spirituality, health, psychology and all areas of hidden politics that one could label conspiracy. Few stones have been left unturned. And human consciousness and psychic awareness is at an all time high for our modern times. I say modern times as there have been many times prior to this one in which high consciousness reigned on Earth. Just not in the last 15,000 or so years. We have also become more and more aware of dark agendas and corruptions and all the dark secrets and buried skeletons have been popping out of closets. Its been a time of intense revelations.

Light Dark Polarity and The Shift

The shift we are undergoing is a window of opportunity for a dimensional change from one level of collective being to the next. The leap however can be made in different directions, not just towards a higher dimension of light. The shift point itself is neutral, just a window opening allowing for a leap. The quality and direction of the leap is up to us.

Apparently these dimensional shift points do occur regularly throughout the multiverse and through time, creating windows of acceleration during which there is the potential for rapid change and for a transmutation of the energy at the base of the collective reality.

This shift can go both towards higher levels of light and higher levels of dark. It is what is referred to in The Law of One or The Ra Material as “The Harvest”, a time in which souls both individually and collectively, and Souls of both light and dark orientation, have an opportunity for graduation.

Whilst individually every soul can graduate to its own next level, as far as the collective reality – the canvas on which the outer world unfolds – majority rules. Or at least lets say “each majority rules”, as it is possible to create more than one reality, each matching a specific level of consciousness. Now get your mind to wrap around that one ;-) The percentage of soul that are light or dark orientated and the group within the collective matched by our own consciousness determines the reality that we will inhabit on the other side of the shift. However know that this is a seamless transition: you will not notice anything different. In fact many have already made this leap, without knowing it. Witnessing events, but no longer resonating or participating in them, can be a sign that one has shifted to another reality current (or timeline) within the collective reality stream.

This is why, as I have been explaining for several years in some of my radio interviews, the battle between the polarities has been increasing during the past years. And why, especially in the last 2-5 years we have also been experiencing what I call the “Externalization of the Dark Ritual”, with many of the dark polarity holders of this planet making a very clear attempt at darkening the flavor for us all, so that more Souls are “harvested” towards a higher intensity dark stream of being, over which the Service to Self agents can continue to rule.

Dark rituals in music, dark and/or traumatizing events in the outer world, false flags of various kinds, increase of dark themes in movies, video games, etc, have been and still are attempts to recruit Souls and energies towards the dark side of the “Harvest”. If you are aware of what I am speaking of, you will notice several events this year aimed at precisely this purpose.

The Good News

The good news is, that as far as I can see from the planetary work I have been doing on the inner planes of the Earth since April 2014, the reality for this planet has already shifted dramatically towards the light polarity. Various energetic layers of the planetary grid that had been switched off during the last shift and that allow for the light to take hold on this planet at a deep energetic level, are now switched back on. From a planetary energy standpoint, at the very least, we are in a better position now than we have been in since the Fall of Atlantis, with many of the planetary consciousness grids back in place and many new ones also now downloaded and operative. In fact, consciousness grids wise, I am being told by my councils that we are pretty much done. We have anchored what needed to be anchored. Now it is just a question of stabilizing and strengthening and synchronizing our energies with the new collective energy structures.

This does not mean that it is time to rest on our laurels, as the timelines and not yet set and still shifting, but it is important to mention this, so that we do not become discouraged. As for many the personal aspect of this clearing and shifting process is reaching a peak of intensity, which sometimes result in people just feeling so overwhelmed that they want to give up. The last mile is always the hardest for the marathon runner, but it gets easier when one knows that there is an end in sight.

The Reconstruction

From a metaphysical point of view, as The Shift was never about a magical transition on a magical day, but about an ongoing process. And this process, although about to reach an apex point at this time, is far from complete. We have at least another two to three years of intense energy downloads in the apex window and probably another several decades of gradually diminishing energy reaching us after that. And whatever shifts we will experience in the outer world, they will happen gradually, one year, one month, one day at a time.

In a vision I was given in 1999 I saw a whole section of time, spanning several years, labelled as “The Reconstruction”, the time during which we would rebuild on the ashes of the old paradigm. As we reach the end of the apex widow, we will slowly transition into the beginning of that very Reconstruction, a process of integration and rebuilding after much dismantling and releasing, on the inner and outer levels of being. Astrologically I feel that we will not be fully done with the dismantling of our world and paradigm until the end of the Pluto Uranus square in 2015.

We may even have a few more years to go yet in our shift, but changes have been happening and will continue to happen as we move forward. These changes will be gradual, but very real. We and our world are changing and we are the ones creating the change, through every moment of increased awareness and love. May you be honored and blessed for your contribution to the Grand Initiation, sometimes achieved at great personal cost, that we have all been involved with in the past years. Know that you were never alone and that your lives have had meaning beyond what you can perceive from an Earth based perspective. Each of your contributions is and has been essential to the weaving of the collective tapestry. Receive now a transmission of love and gratitude from Source for all that you have given and for all that you have become. And embrace the fullness of your being. As one of the effects of clearing karma and blockages is that the highest aspects of our selves can begin to descend into this current incarnation, as we have worked hard to reverse the shackled DNA, restoring The Human to its original status and function. This is a time for great multidimensional expansion. And many are slowly regaining their wings.

As the energy high consciousness grids are reconnected and strengthened and as each of us finds its own way to plug back into the the higher levels of consciousness and being, in fact, more of us is coming here into physicality. Higher and more expanded aspects of ourselves are descending into our Earth embodiment and reality. Energy fields and energy meridians are mutating so that they can house more of our light. DNA codes are re-activating that were damaged or switched off during the Fall. The past of who we were in all its lost splendor and the future of who we are becoming as we participate in this process are merging as one. We are reaching skyward into our multidimensional consciousness, while discarding all that caused us to shut down, as well as all the trauma, karma and blockages that have been preventing us from stepping into the the next level of our blueprint. And this is happening both individually and collectively, as we wrestle with our old collective structures, in order to create new ones, more fitting of the new collective being that is currently attempting to be born.

May we all shed and then blossom in this process…. invoke the new you into being and ask for assistance into shedding the old. You can do it and it is time :-)

That will be all for now….

Much love and blessings


Katie Lilac©2014 Katie Gallanti. All rights reserved. . Katie Gallanti is a metaphysician, healer, teacher and writer. For further information email katiegallanti @ If re-posting, preferably re-post as a link to this blog, if cut and pasting, re-post in its entirety, with this copyright and bio byline.


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The Wrap Up Phase, Ego Death and the Birth of True Self

Big energy changes going on right now – if you are fatigued, depressed , having strange health issues, weird dreams and you feel your life is ending – know that this is all part of a big gigantic clearing that is going on right now. One stage of life is ending, new stages to begin soon. I get September is going to be a new beginnings month for many. Because of this, but also because of where we are at in the planetary cycle as a whole, August is a major month of wrapping up lose ends. Many whose contracts do not have the next phase on the agenda are also leaving the planet right now. Others may feel like they are leaving the planet, but are not. They are either clearing at the physical level or wrapping up a life stage, getting ready for the next chapter. A new chapter that is not just a personal new chapter, but a planetary one. We are entering into a new stage of Earth life and, as we do so, all of us are preparing or adapting to our new selves and new roles. Which sometimes requires letting go of old roles, so we can be who we need to be and where we need to be, at the right time.

For some time we have been talking of people going into higher consciousness streams in waves. Know that each wave is getting there in stages. If you feel like you are in a wrap up-ending-dying stage right now, allow the parts of your personality than need to die now, to do so, so that the new you can emerge. We are all wrapped in silk now, ready to bust out of the cocoon. But to do so, we first need to let go of all in us that is still a caterpillar. And that, is not always the most painless of processes. Especially when we fight it.

Ego death is not the most fun thing in the world, so if you find yourself in ego death, be compassionate with self. And also remember that much of this is just karma clearing and old parts of the self shedding, so that the Self with the capital ‘S’ can fully embody and take hold. Ego death can take the form of death of a way of life, of death of a way of being, and/or death of personality patterns that no longer serve you. The quicker you let go, the faster the new you can emerge and take root.

If you have already done ego death, you may find that this energetic transition hits you more at the physical level. You may be tired, wanting to cocoon, wanting to be alone, to regroup, and you may even feel sick. The changes here are occurring at the cellular level. Trust that the body knows what it needs. Even if this may be sleep, sleep and more sleep. Energy workers and spirit people of various kinds seem to be going through this one right now. I am hearing from many that all they want to do is sleep. If this is you, allow it. Just like in January many had the pre- Grand-Cross vibrational flu, now many have the pre- whatever-phase-comes next vibrational sickness and fatigue. I am being told from various sources to not panic and to just be. As next stage requires this physical shift and integration.

For people that are losing loved ones at this time – know that there is a reason for this migration – not all have agreed to be here for every stage of Earth transformation and there is a large group of souls that has simply finished their job and are leaving right now. Or have already recently left. Try to be at peace with this, if you can. My experience with people of my own passing lately is that they all seem ultra happy to be on the other side. As we all know the Earth journey is not for the faint of heart. And for many transitioning is a celebration, even if its often very hard for those left behind, who have to adapt to the Earth connection without those specific bonds of love.

Overall, I get that if we truly understood the bigness of the times we live in and of the process for which we have volunteered to embody, we would be astounded. And if we truly understood who we are and what we have come here to do, we would have great respect for ourselves for participating in such a big journey. Now is the time to pat ourselves on the back for being here, without the Earth self’s inner critic chatter that so often tries to convince us of our shortcomings. We are all flawed in our own unique ways, but we are all also magnificent in just as many unique ways. May we be blessed with self-compassion and self-love in great measure during these changing times.

May you always walk in the beauty, compassion and hope x x x


Katie Lilac©2014 Katie Gallanti. All rights reserved. Katie Gallanti is a metaphysician, healer, teacher and writer. For further information email katiegallanti @ If re-posting, preferably re-post as a link to this blog, if cut and pasting, re-post in its entirety, with this copyright, author name and site as in this byline.

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Mars in Scorpio, Jupiter in Leo: A Switch in Energy

Astrology_home_pageBig changes in the astrological weather in the past few weeks. Saturn in Scorpio is now direct, Jupiter has moved from Cancer into Leo, where it will reside for a whole year, and Mars has ended its long journey in Libra (7 months!) and has now transitioned into Scorpio, where it will stay until mid September.

So we have a forward movement now in fixed signs (Leo and Scorpio are all fixed) and a little less energy on the Cardinal signs, which also means that the Cardinal Grand Cross energies are now officially over. Pluto and Uranus will still revisit some of the Grand Cross degrees, but Mars and Jupiter will not, so we are back to a more garden variety Pluto Uranus square, which as planet changing and as intense as it is, is an energy we have been dealing with since 2010 and we are kind of used to it. See many of my prior articles on this blog for details on the Pluto -Uranus square and its societal and solar galactic shift significance.

The transition from Cancer to Leo brings with it some enthusiasm and new energy. Jupiter in Leo is sunny, optimistic and creative. It wants to express, paint, show off, party and have fun. If you have Leo planets in your chart, you may feel some good energy at this time to express and shine. The transition from Mars in Libra to Mars in Scorpio has been the most noticeable. Mars has a two year cycle, that means that it takes about two years for Mars to go through all the signs and it mostly does not stay in a sign for very long, aside from when it retrogrades. When it retrogrades Mars can be in one sign for a very long time. In 2012 it stayed in the sign of Virgo for six months. I remember that station well, as I have Moon/Ascendant conjunction in Gemini square Pluto Uranus in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces in my chart, all mutable placements like Virgo. And Mars was doing a station right on top of my Pluto Uranus square the Moon. Moon is all about home, emotions and mothers. During that time I spent six months negotiating a move back to Europe with my mother, which got us both so frustrated that at the end of the Mars in Virgo, we both threw in the towel and did not talk to each other for considerable time. The throwing in the towel moment coincided exactly almost to the date with the day in which Mars moved out of Virgo into the next sign. I remember thinking that the shift out of the sign was palpable. as it has been this year.

This year Mars did its retrograde and station in Libra and was in Libra for approximately seven months, many of which it spent participating in the Grand Cross. For many this was a time of negotiations, relationship issues, wrapping up of old karmic stories, redefinitions of roads ahead and compromises. And, for some, even a time for sorting out of legal matters. Libra is about balance, fairness, diplomacy and finding the middle way. So with Mars in Libra there have been conflicts, but often approached in a “fight for the middle way, fight for the agreement and fight for the compromise”. Lots of negotiation energy, sometimes peaceful, sometimes heated, but very much about the too and fro between two polarities, two sets of opinions, two options, etc.

However just like we got fed up with Mars in Virgo, I think many of us also got fed up with the ongoing negotiation, fights and effort for diplomacy of Mars in Libra. The minute Mars went into Scorpio, I felt in myself the energy of a more focused and sharp edge. And it felt welcome, like breathing new air. The time for Libra style negotiations is over. Mars enters Scorpio with a much more defined vision, ready to cut off all that cannot be negotiated and to prune things to the ground if necessary.

Scorpio is an energy of death and rebirth and most likely the sign that is most capable of doing away with dead wood. Interestingly enough, as soon and Mars entered the sign, a friend of mine and my neighbor volunteered to clean up and cut back my overgrown and untended yard, removing all dead plants, rotted wood and overgrown jade that had gone a bit wild in the past year, as I was too busy to tend to it. They however far exceeded a simple pruning. They have literally transformed the landscape, reclaiming parts of my yard I had even forgotten existed. I am taking this as a metaphor for Mars in Scorpio: radical pruning, allowing for what is dead to fall away, followed by radical transformation. If we allow it, much can be cut away, transformed and re-birthed at this time.

Expect this to also extend to relationships with others. Relationships that did not manage to use the Mars in Libra negotiation energy to solve their differences may die at this time. And if not, aspects of the relationship that cannot be negotiated will undergo radical transformation, through some kind of death rebirth or hard boundary process. You may find that this is a time for firmness and clarity around your own deal-breakers. But if your relationship is strong, it will benefit from the deep pruning of what is unhealthy and it will emerge transformed, like my yard.

Mars in Scorpio also seems to be a time of not just metaphorical death, but of real death. Two people I was connected to passed away in the past few days, amongst which the big daddy of our radio network Dave Corso. His becoming sick and passing was rapid and it took many of us by surprise. As such, many of us connected to Wolf Spirit Radio have been in some form of grieving for our fiend and colleague, who was a person with a unique life story and character and a major influence in our movement and lives. As a result of his passing now our radio network is going through its own transformations. My sense is that its new form will take WSR into another level still, with an even broader vista. And I know that Dave will be overseeing and helping from wherever he is parked on the inner planes. More Mars in Scorpio transformation at hand.

Mars changing signs and Jupiter approaching my Jupiter return also has me inspired to re-organize and re-focus my own work. I have so many things going on and some need to be cut back and some require more focus. I am intending to focus more time on writing and creating and a little less on anything that is a distraction. And my sense is that it can all be done, with just a little focus and organization. Jupiter is in my third house of writing right now and Mars in my 6th house of work, so I feel that this will happen quite naturally.

Alright… that will be all for now… I wish you all a great beginning to the week and a great entry into the new Scorpio and Leo energies! Its going to be an interesting ride :-)

Much love to you all


Katie Lilac©2014 Katie Gallanti. All rights reserved. Katie Gallanti is a metaphysician, healer, teacher and writer. For further information email katiegallanti @ If re-posting, preferably re-post as a link to this blog, if cut and pasting, re-post in its entirety, with this copyright, author name and site as in this byline.

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The Node, The Timelines and The Two Earths

Two EarthsWe are now approaching the time of the splitting between the two Earths. The decisions made now and the positive or negative soul orientation choices made now, will determine which vibrational version of Earth we will be residing on at the other side of the node, most likely in the next few years.

The node is a point in space time in which all timelines are possible, as a result of a series of vibrational gateways created by energy shifts in the solar galactic cycle. Every so often, cyclically, on the time clock of the galaxy, there is a time in which the Earth timelines open up and the opportunity for a vibrational shift is available for all, both individually and at the collective level. And for the Earth plane herself.

The opportunity for jumping at a higher level vibrationally exists for both the light and the dark polarities of the force. Once on the other side of the node, however, the two polarities will no longer coexist, meaning that, beyond a certain vibrational level, there is a split, and the dark reality goes one way and the light reality goes another. This does not mean that there will be no darkness in the new high vibe Earth and no light in the darker Earth, but that the dominant experience in both realities, will be one or the other, predominantly. Many of us are already blinking in and out of the New Earths, both the light one and dark one, as these two vibrational experiences are both available right now, while the timelines are still conjoined.

Not only are they conjoined, but they alternate almost on a weekly basis as the dominant vibration, as light and dark are almost equivalent in strength at this time, depending on which vibrational group is pulling the strings at any given time.

The paths of light and dark, however, are beginning to separate: the dark is getting darker and the light is getting lighter. And at some point the two realities will stop interacting all together.

This is why so many people right now are going through major testing. And why the ones that are not going through testing are going through completions. We are right in the middle of a major moment of karmic choice, completing lessons,wrapping up the lose threads in our own lives and personal timelines. While we are also faced with choices that determine Soul orientation towards light or dark and the reality that we will be inhabiting as a result of those determinations for many years to come – or lifetimes, if we choose to return to Earth again – as the post-node reality will be in place for thousands of years. It will be many thousands of years before we land on another node. Galactic cycles are very long.

So pay attention to the choices presented to you now and the motivations behind those choices. Make sure to remember that all that glitters is not gold, especially during testing times, where literally we are given a variety of options, some of which are the equivalent of the the initiation/temptation in desert in the Jesus story, in which Jesus was offered all world powers and goods, in exchange for his soul and allegiance. There are choices that lure, but often lure away from where we are trying to go, as this is a time in which we are meant to choose what is higher, and move away from what is lower, and the name of the game is discernment. So watch for the temptations and the discernment tests in your own lives.

This is also a time of completions. As the vibrational Earths separate, so do the people holding the vibrations. Each group of Souls is choosing its own playground and with that, its playmates of matching vibrations. Some people are ready for a higher reality and some still need the lessons that the darker vibrations afford. There is no judgement, just an objective reality of paths separating, lessons completing and much shifting of wheat from chaff. Others are separating just because the karmic story they have been weaving is ultimately complete. And this can be a sad graduation, but a necessary one nevertheless, at times. But know that also soon, new ideas and new opportunities, that are about new beginnings rather than testing will be coming forward and will unfold. However nothing can be seeded until this phase is appropriately completed.

Its important to honor this time, as it is not just a challenging time, but a time we have been working towards for many lifetimes and that will influence just as many to come. We are at the end of a long initiation process intent on our own graduation into vaster consciousness and evolution. And our Souls are now almost ready for harvest and are lives will soon be ripe for the picking.

In the meantime, honor this moment of karmic completion and testing … and embrace with love all the players in your lives, whatever role they may have chosen to play…

And hold yourself in absolute love during the times to come…

Much love


Katie Lilac©2014 Katie Gallanti. All rights reserved. Katie Gallanti is a metaphysician, healer, teacher and writer. For further information email katiegallanti @ . If re-posting, preferably re-post as a link to this blog, if cut and pasting, re-post in its entirety, with this copyright and bio byline.

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The Cardinal Grand Cross and The Second Wave

Find here this April 2014 post as PDF

Solar Earth transmission

April 2014 The Grand Cross and the Second Wave PDF


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