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Assisting Without Overstepping: Common Pitfalls of the Spiritually Inclined

As we awaken on the spiritual path and we begin to remember and integrate higher truths, as well as new abilities and skills, many of us are very excited with the experience of expansion this brings. Our lives suddenly feel … Continue reading

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Shattering Stress and Trauma, Returning to Energetic Wholeness

There can be occasions in which situations can be so stressful to the point where one begins to break apart. This can be high conflict situations, karmic testing experiences, abusive dynamics with others or any situation that pushes us to … Continue reading

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The Wrap Up Phase, Ego Death and the Birth of True Self

Big energy changes going on right now – if you are fatigued, depressed , having strange health issues, weird dreams and you feel your life is ending – know that this is all part of a big gigantic clearing that … Continue reading

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