About Katie

I am a multidimensional healer, energy worker, metaphysics teacher, esoteric researcher, writer and speaker. I am also a planetary healer, and one of my roles, for several years, has been to write about changes in the collective consciousness and to map key phases in the planetary shift.

I awoke to my path in 1995 and I have morphed and changed what I do many times and as a result, I have worn and still wear a lot of different hats. As such this about me section is about to get very wordy and detailed and you are free to skip past all this and just stick with these first couple of paragraphs ;-) Lots of verbiage here as the website is in the process of being rebuilt, so most of the information is on this page, while we work on updating the rest of the site.


I have a strong academic background and in general, I have worn a school hat often, both as student and as teacher. I have degrees in Physics (BS in Physics and MS in Solid State Theoretical Physics), Transpersonal Psychology (MA), Clinical Psychology (PhD) and an All-But-The Dissertation PhD in Expressive Arts Therapies. A lot of schooling! Sometimes people ask me, how come so much school, and my answer is, I was guided to study all these things and each has added depth to who I am, what I see, and what I do. I also suspect that there is more formal teaching in my future. I am also laying down some tracks in transpersonal approaches to psychology and trauma, which I plan to write about in the future. All a lot of fun for the part of me that likes to get serious about meaty topics.

Certifications and Training

As far as healing work is concerned, I have certificates and training in various healing arts: Counseling,  Archetypal Tarot, Reiki, Spiritual Response Therapy, Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy. Although all have been useful, the bulk of my knowing in the healing field comes from working in the trenches on problem cases with my councils.

I am a certified astrologer (Faculty of Astrological Studies, London, UK), with a focus on psychological astrology as a tool for introspection, transformation and change. While I have chosen not to be a professional astrologer in this lifetime, astrology has played/still plays a big part in my own process and is one of the filters through which I view reality. Astrology has deepened my understanding of the psyche and of the dynamics of collective change, informing both my individual and planetary work.

Last but not least. I am also a Graduate and Teacher of the Awakening Your Light Body system as taught by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, whose material I studied and practiced extensively for over a decade. I still consider the Light Body teachings to be the highest energetic superhighway available on this planet. I still direct people to these teachings regularly.

Healing & Metaphysical Knowledge

I have been an intuitive and multidimensional healer for more than  twenty years. Articles about my work have been published in several magazines worldwide and I have been a frequent guest on radio shows with regards to dark energy and depossession work, as this seems to be an area that people want to know a lot about. The dark energy work, however, is just one aspect of my work. Much of my healing work has been aimed towards starseeds, groundcrew and advanced members of the teams of light, with the purpose of assisting them in 1) Shedding baggage and karma, 2) Activate higher levels of their DNA, chakra system and energy bodies, 3) Reconnecting to Soul, Higher Dimensional Teams and Planetary Councils,  so that they can fully embody their higher selves and mission. It has been a big part of my mission to help people remember who they really are, so that they can actualize their true expanded self and do the job that they incarnated here to do. More information on this on this website, eventually.

Teaching Work

I have been teaching in one form or another since I was a teenager. I financed some of my early higher education in Physics by teaching Calculus to entry students to Math and Science degrees. I then became a Math and Science teacher in schools, while also teaching metaphysics and meditation in my spare time.  In my 30s I taught metaphysical techniques and meditation extensively, mostly centered around Soul work, Advanced Manifesting Techniques, Multidimensionality, Higher Dimensional Reconnections, Soul Level Relationship Awareness, Planetary Healing and Light Body Activations. In 2009 I also created the Warrior Visionaries project and other recorded MP3 series, such as the Awakening Consciousness series (which is not yet complete, still working on this one). I currently (end of 2019) preparign to get back into teaching after a long hiatus, as well as beginning to record some of my work.


In my 30s, I became very involved with the magazine publishing world. I wrote many articles, music reviews and book reviews during this phase for a variety of magazines. Over the years more than fifty of my articles on spirituality, metaphysics, psychology and current affairs were published as features in publications in the US and the UK. I was a regular writer of metaphysical articles for Paradigm Shift magazine in the UK. I wrote about mythology, consciousness and current affairs on Vision Magazine in the USA. I also wrote a series of expose articles on controversial psychiatric diagnosis as applied to children and adolescents for Children of the New Earth magazine (2004-2008), for which I was also advisory panel member. I then became advisory panel member of Inspired Parenting Magazine (2009-2012), where I also have contributed occasional articles on developmental psychology.


In 2009 I was guided to let go of the magazine world and write online instead, and like many people I started a blog. I wrote extensively online, with hundreds of blog posts, several of which were translated in other languages. For several years I made regular metaphysical posts on Facebook (I am now much less active on social media). I later also wrote several articles for this website, focused mostly on the Solar Galactic Shift.

Public Speaking and Radio

I have appeared regularly on radio shows as a guest since 2009, where I have often functioned as a voice of truth with regards to the esoteric aspect of the hidden planetary rulers, our forgotten planetary ancient esoteric history, trauma based mind control,  decoding the dark elite programming of the the mass mind and subtle influencing techniques social engineering. I have also often been interviewed as an expert on all things dark energy ~ entities, possession, astral and dark ET, expertise that I gained through personal experience and through working with hundreds of energetically distressed people over a fifteen year period. I have been a guest on shows such as The Freeman Show, Truth Frequency Radio, Wolf Spirit Radio, Robert Phoenix’s Free Association Radio, Jay Perron’s Ever Beyond Radio, Cariel Quinly’s Heartlink Radio and more.

I had a deep association with the Wolf Spirit Radio ( 2010-2018) family since its inception in 2010, first via Jeremiah Duncan and later with Dave Corso. And between 2013-2015, I contributed to WSR with my own show, Out of the Box, with co-host Jay Pee, who continuing Wolf Spirit Radio after Dave’s passing. You can find archives of the show on my YouTube channel KatieCosmisessence or on JayPee’s archive at Ever Beyond.


Minus a few Facebook posts, I have been on low burn for the past three years, while working on my PhD in Clinical Psychology, which is now complete (Sept 2019). I have also been gradually laying the groundwork for future teaching, healing projects and writing, including preparing material for a series of books.  I am currently in the process of redesigning this website and initiating the next stage of this journey. Until then, much love and great blessings to all :-)