About Katie

Katie Gallanti is a multidimensional healer, energy worker, metaphysics teacher, esoteric researcher, writer and speaker, with a strong academic background in physics (BS/MS), transpersonal psychology (MA), clinical psychology and expressive arts therapy (now completing PhD).

Magazines And Blogs

Over the years more than fifty of her articles on spirituality, metaphysics and psychology and current affairs have been published as features  in magazines worldwide. She has been a regular writer of metaphysical articles for Paradigm Shift magazine in the UK since 2004 and she was a regular contributor to Vision Magazine in the USA (2002-2013), with articles on music, astrology, psychology, mythology and consciousness. She also wrote a series of expose articles on controversial psychiatric diagnosis as applied to children and adolescents for Children of the New Earth magazine (2004-2008), for which she was also advisory panel member. And she is still a contributing writer and advisory panel member of Inspired Parenting (2009-n0w), where she writes articles on developmental psychology as applied to spiritual parenting of children and teens.

Since 2009 has also been writing extensively online, with hundreds of inspirational blog posts, several of which have been translated in other languages. And she makes regular metaphysical posts on Facebook that command a regular and large following. Since 2013 she also also been writing on this website, with articles mostly focused on the Solar Galactic Shift.

Public Speaking and Radio

Katie has appeared regularly on radio shows as a guest since 2009, where she has often been a voice of truth with regards to the esoteric aspect of the hidden planetary rulers, our forgotten planetary ancient esoteric history, trauma based mind control,  decoding the dark elite programming of the the mass mind and uncovering its effects on social engineering. She has also often been interviewed as an expert on all things dark energy ~ entities, possession, astral and dark ET. She has been a guest on shows such as The Freeman Show, Truth Frequency Radio, Wolf Spirit Radio, Robert Phoenix’s Free Association Radio, Jay Perron’s Ever Beyond Radio, Cariel Quinly’s Heartlink Radio and more.

Katie has had a deep association with the Wolf Spirit Radio family since its inception in 2010, first with Jeremiah Duncan and later with Dave Corso. And since  2013, she also has been contributing to WSR with her own show, Out of the Box, with co-host Jay Pee, who has been continuing Wolf Spirit Radio after Dave’s passing. You can find archives of the show on her YouTube channel KatieCosmisessence or on JayPee’s archive at Ever Beyond.

Healing & Metaphysical Knowledge

Katie has been an intuitive and multidimensional healer for more than  twenty years. Articles about her work have been published in several magazines worldwide since 2004 and she has been a frequent guest on radio shows with regards to her dark energy and depossession work, as this seems to be an area that we are just beginning to truly understand. However, the dark energy work, is just one aspect of Katie’s work, as much of her healing work is aimed towards starseeds, groundcrew and advanced members of the teams of light, assisting them in shedding baggage and karma and coming back to wholeness, so that they can fully embody their higher selves and mission in this time of great awakening, so that they can affect the change and do the job they incarnated here to do.

As such, Katie specializes in soul level work and trauma work, assisting people in clearing trauma energy and resolving lingering trauma based blockages – from childhood, from past lives, and at times all the way back to the birth of the Soul, on a journey on deep depatterning. She assists people in bumping up the energy of the chakras, connecting them to their higher dimensional aspects, such as their Soul and their guiding teams, so that they can be more effective light holders during this time of great transformation.

Katie also assist people with the integrating and healing of issues such as psychic disturbances, psychic attack, entity and possession issues (including our scaly friends), peak experiences, rapid awakening, abduction experiences, extra-dimensional contact/breakthroughs, and clearing and healing of a host of energetic disturbances associated with these experiences and that are specific to those who are awakening to their multidimensionality. She has also assisted many with issues of dark energy interference operating through relationships of advanced light team members.

Teaching Work

Katie has been teaching in one form or another since she was a teenager and she supported most of her early higher education in Physics by teaching Calculus to entry students to Math and Science degrees. She then became a math and Science teacher in schools, while also teaching metaphysics and meditation in her spare time.  Katie taught metaphysical techniques and meditation extensively for several years, mostly centered around Soul work, Advanced Manifesting Techniques, Multidimensionality, Higher Dimensional Reconnections, Soul Level Relationship Awareness, Planetary Healing and Light Body Activations. In 2009 Katie was also the creator of Warrior Visionaries project and other recorded MP3 series , such as the Awakening Consciousness series, (still in progress).

Katie is currently more focused on writing and radio and is gradually assembling her metaphysical knowledge in a series of books. Although she is still regularly writing online articles and magazine articles as part of her tithing to the collective. If you would like to make a donation to support Katie with her writing, feel free to make a donation here