Mars in Scorpio, Jupiter in Leo: A Switch in Energy

Astrology_home_pageBig changes in the astrological weather in the past few weeks. Saturn in Scorpio is now direct, Jupiter has moved from Cancer into Leo, where it will reside for a whole year, and Mars has ended its long journey in Libra (7 months!) and has now transitioned into Scorpio, where it will stay until mid September.

So we have a forward movement now in fixed signs (Leo and Scorpio are all fixed) and a little less energy on the Cardinal signs, which also means that the Cardinal Grand Cross energies are now officially over. Pluto and Uranus will still revisit some of the Grand Cross degrees, but Mars and Jupiter will not, so we are back to a more garden variety Pluto Uranus square, which as planet changing and as intense as it is, is an energy we have been dealing with since 2010 and we are kind of used to it. See many of my prior articles on this blog for details on the Pluto -Uranus square and its societal and solar galactic shift significance.

The transition from Cancer to Leo brings with it some enthusiasm and new energy. Jupiter in Leo is sunny, optimistic and creative. It wants to express, paint, show off, party and have fun. If you have Leo planets in your chart, you may feel some good energy at this time to express and shine. The transition from Mars in Libra to Mars in Scorpio has been the most noticeable. Mars has a two year cycle, that means that it takes about two years for Mars to go through all the signs and it mostly does not stay in a sign for very long, aside from when it retrogrades. When it retrogrades Mars can be in one sign for a very long time. In 2012 it stayed in the sign of Virgo for six months. I remember that station well, as I have Moon/Ascendant conjunction in Gemini square Pluto Uranus in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces in my chart, all mutable placements like Virgo. And Mars was doing a station right on top of my Pluto Uranus square the Moon. Moon is all about home, emotions and mothers. During that time I spent six months negotiating a move back to Europe with my mother, which got us both so frustrated that at the end of the Mars in Virgo, we both threw in the towel and did not talk to each other for considerable time. The throwing in the towel moment coincided exactly almost to the date with the day in which Mars moved out of Virgo into the next sign. I remember thinking that the shift out of the sign was palpable. as it has been this year.

This year Mars did its retrograde and station in Libra and was in Libra for approximately seven months, many of which it spent participating in the Grand Cross. For many this was a time of negotiations, relationship issues, wrapping up of old karmic stories, redefinitions of roads ahead and compromises. And, for some, even a time for sorting out of legal matters. Libra is about balance, fairness, diplomacy and finding the middle way. So with Mars in Libra there have been conflicts, but often approached in a “fight for the middle way, fight for the agreement and fight for the compromise”. Lots of negotiation energy, sometimes peaceful, sometimes heated, but very much about the too and fro between two polarities, two sets of opinions, two options, etc.

However just like we got fed up with Mars in Virgo, I think many of us also got fed up with the ongoing negotiation, fights and effort for diplomacy of Mars in Libra. The minute Mars went into Scorpio, I felt in myself the energy of a more focused and sharp edge. And it felt welcome, like breathing new air. The time for Libra style negotiations is over. Mars enters Scorpio with a much more defined vision, ready to cut off all that cannot be negotiated and to prune things to the ground if necessary.

Scorpio is an energy of death and rebirth and most likely the sign that is most capable of doing away with dead wood. Interestingly enough, as soon and Mars entered the sign, a friend of mine and my neighbor volunteered to clean up and cut back my overgrown and untended yard, removing all dead plants, rotted wood and overgrown jade that had gone a bit wild in the past year, as I was too busy to tend to it. They however far exceeded a simple pruning. They have literally transformed the landscape, reclaiming parts of my yard I had even forgotten existed. I am taking this as a metaphor for Mars in Scorpio: radical pruning, allowing for what is dead to fall away, followed by radical transformation. If we allow it, much can be cut away, transformed and re-birthed at this time.

Expect this to also extend to relationships with others. Relationships that did not manage to use the Mars in Libra negotiation energy to solve their differences may die at this time. And if not, aspects of the relationship that cannot be negotiated will undergo radical transformation, through some kind of death rebirth or hard boundary process. You may find that this is a time for firmness and clarity around your own deal-breakers. But if your relationship is strong, it will benefit from the deep pruning of what is unhealthy and it will emerge transformed, like my yard.

Mars in Scorpio also seems to be a time of not just metaphorical death, but of real death. Two people I was connected to passed away in the past few days, amongst which the big daddy of our radio network Dave Corso. His becoming sick and passing was rapid and it took many of us by surprise. As such, many of us connected to Wolf Spirit Radio have been in some form of grieving for our fiend and colleague, who was a person with a unique life story and character and a major influence in our movement and lives. As a result of his passing now our radio network is going through its own transformations. My sense is that its new form will take WSR into another level still, with an even broader vista. And I know that Dave will be overseeing and helping from wherever he is parked on the inner planes. More Mars in Scorpio transformation at hand.

Mars changing signs and Jupiter approaching my Jupiter return also has me inspired to re-organize and re-focus my own work. I have so many things going on and some need to be cut back and some require more focus. I am intending to focus more time on writing and creating and a little less on anything that is a distraction. And my sense is that it can all be done, with just a little focus and organization. Jupiter is in my third house of writing right now and Mars in my 6th house of work, so I feel that this will happen quite naturally.

Alright… that will be all for now… I wish you all a great beginning to the week and a great entry into the new Scorpio and Leo energies! Its going to be an interesting ride :-)

Much love to you all


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