Of Morality, Free Will, Purity and Creation

“Understanding natural law, the laws that are in place in creation and by which the evolutionary pace of the universe abides, means truly having conscience. That is the definitive knowledge of the objective difference between morally right and morally wrong behavior.
Living in harmony with natural law is different from understanding it. It means exercising one’s conscience and willfully choosing morally right behavior over morally wrong behavior, once that difference is clearly understood.
When human beings behave in harmony with natural law and are therefore moral, they find that they are ultimately free. When they do not behave in harmony with natural law, and they are therefore immoral, they become and remain enslaved”
~ Mark Passio ~

I have Saturn on my Neptune right now, so very attuned to the karma and discipline aspect of spirituality at the moment. Not the most popular aspect of spirituality, might I add. As such I am reintegrating and valuing concepts such as “morality”. Modern spirituality is not really on board where ideas of morality are concerned. We tend to associate morality with old school religious thinking. A way of thinking that many of us have thrown out, as we expanded into a different free flowing spiritual container. However, could it be that there was some baby in that bathwater? Increasingly, I feel that that is the case.

One could replace right vs wrong, light vs dark, with evolutionary and for the highest good of all (Service to Others) vs devolutionary and for the highest good of ego (Service to Self). We live on a planet based on free will. And as I have said many times, free will is not really about the freedom to do as one pleases, but about the freedom to choose between “options” and the evolutionary opportunity that making those choices afford. Each choice we make gives us the opportunity to make a Soul based choice (which is always evolutionary orientated – Mark Passios’s natural law), or a personality/ego based choice, which is often devolutionary and service to self.

Devolutionary choices often pay off in the immediate, but have consequences long term, hence why Mark Passio, above, talks of enslavement. We become enslaved by the compromises we make and their long term fallout. Selling out is after all about selling out a part of ourselves. Something is lost in the process. Many artists, politicians, business people who sell out for fame and fortune, often end up regretting this down the line and find that they can’t get out of the deals they have made. Many of the shortcuts we take, come and bite us in the behind, in time.

One may choose the short cut route, for immediate gratification or as a way to placate fears. Most devolutionary choices come from a lack of trust in the benign nature of the universe to provide what is needed or in a lack of trust in one’s own self being enough. This is often about being out of touch with our larger self, the higher self that sees and knows other ways. When one lives through the eyes of the expanded self, there is no need to make choices that compromises and that take one out of one’s purity.

We live, however, in a world that does not value purity (our modern western world) and in which compromises, corruption, cutting corners, selling out for apparent gain has become the norm for many. Even something as simple as a nine to five job, for many is about selling out the bulk of our time to something we do not believe in, in order to keep a roof over the head and survive. Our world, with its insane overheads and demands, is wired for compromise. And maybe this is the test for us all, as we walk this world, to live bravely, in uncompromising ways.

This is not a call for judgment of self and others, as we all, consciously or not color outside the lines at times. It is difficult not to in our current world environment. This is however an encouragement to commitment to our own integrity and walking the talk as much as we can.

Building authentic lives, taking risks with authentic choices that go against the popular and more common grain, has become, for many, in our world as it stands, a courageous act. However, if we stop participating in the compromising aspects of this world, would these aspects continue to exist? Probably not. So maybe a commitment to uncompromising ways is also the way forward in creating the next stage for our collective being, stage and setting. And maybe if all supported each other in making great choices and creating different opportunities (it’s not always easy to travel this road alone), the shift we seek for our planet could happen easier and faster for all …

I also feel that this is a key place for the true understanding of the laws of manifestation to come into play. If we have the knowledge and the trust needed to use our will appropriately and to create energetically what we need to move forward, that too, generates freedom. As we can trust that we can create what is needed in any given moment. Esoteric knowledge, aligned with the higher self and source, applied well, sets one free. Hence why so much of this knowledge has been, historically, hidden. Learning to create in alignment with the Soul affords the ability to manifest the choice of pure creations.

We can create a new world, both in our own lives and in the world at large… especially if we create together…working co-creatively and as guided by higher power adds potency to the process.

Looking forward to that world… It will be “our” world and it will be a good world…

May we walk in truth and pure creation …

Much love


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  1. Derek D'Albertanson says:

    Anyone interested in learning natural law……
    read “Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn

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