The Earth, The Human,The Sun and The Shift

sacral-chakra-colorsAlthough we are mostly aware of our being-ness in the 3D physical realm, human beings are energetic beings, whose vehicles are governed by the multiple sheaths of the DNA that contain the “construction codes” for the physical and energy bodies of which we are composed of, which span into multiple dimensions. As energetic beings, we are also contained within the energy field of the Earth. And the Earth is contained within the energy field of the Sun. The Sun is also part of the larger system that is the Galaxy. And so on. I know you all know this, as we all studied some basic astronomy in school, but what many don’t realize, is that we are literally contained within these systems at the energetic level, like Russian dolls, and that what is happening to one of the bigger dolls (for example the Galaxy and the Sun), is also happens to the smaller dolls inside it (such as the Earth and us). Energetically we are contained and influenced by the larger systems that house us.

How this energy containment takes place from a physics level: I have my theories, but too complex for the scope of this post (I am writing about these in my book). For now just let me say that there is lots of new physics emerging at the moment that seems to confirm the holographic nature of our universe and I am sure things will become even clearer, in times to come, as we are undergoing a true life demonstration of this fact as the Sun escalates in activity, taking us with it for the ride during the experience.

One of the things that is becoming quite clear to anybody observing the changes we are currently undergoing, for example, is that there is a correspondence between Solar activity and earthquake activity on our Earth, severe weather and winds. One thing that is becoming clearer and clearer, also, is the correspondence between solar energy shifts and consciousness shifts. The “ascension” that many talk of, is, at least from one vantage point, a Solar process.

The Sun is the driver of the Shift

It is the changes from the Sun that are triggering the energetic changes that we are and will be experiencing, as we enter into the peak of the transformation.

I seem to be particularly connected to the Sun since the Japan quake in March 2011. At that time, as I was doing some planetary healing work to aid with the soothing of the planetary energy, I found myself out of body, outside of the Earth looking down, in between the Earth and the Sun. Sounds weird, I know, but that’s what happened.

As I did, I could see all the fire and hot spots on the tectonic plates that needed attention, the pressure building from the inside of the Earth, and I was also shown the relationship between this quake activity and the Sun. I visually saw this link, as if someone was saying “See what the Sun is doing? Now look what the Earth is doing”. I was being schooled ;-) I was also told to do some energy work on the Sun. This may sounds even stranger, I know, but energy is just energy and it can be moved, no matter how big the body.

As I did so, approaching the Sun in my out of body state, my crown chakra blew open with a big white flame on top of my head and stayed that way for several weeks. I felt as if my crown chakra was the size of a plate on top of my head for almost a month…. Eventually it shrunk back to normal size. I was told that this was an activation of my solar energy body. I have been aligned with the Sun ever since and very conscious of the energy shifts at the Solar level (which has some physical side effects that I am still working out, like, feeling on fire every time the sun shifts ;-) lol). Which obviously must be a part of my new job description. I have been a planetary energy worker for several years and here I was shown that I now needed to include the solar level into my awareness.

During this experience, I could see space as if I were looking out from the Sun I could also see the galactic energies coming in, from a solar centered perspective. All very interesting.

The Sun is moving into its Light Body

I was also shown that the Sun was shifting into its light body. Light body here intended as moving into its higher dimensional body of light. As I observed the Sun, I saw that the physical body of the Sun as the usual ball of fire we are all accustomed to seeing on SOHO, and a fairly agitated one, flame throwing in many directions. But I was also shown the Sun’s light body, an overlapping image of the Sun in a higher dimension, radiating very potent and healing white light, with a golden glow…just like our light bodies do, but on a much larger scale (If you have not activated your light body yet, I recommend Sanaya Roman and Duane’s packer’s “Awakening your light body” course, by the way, as it will sky rocket your energetic awareness so that you can experience, see or sense energies and other dimensional experience, as well as rapidly raise your frequency. Highly recommended).

From that vision, I understood the multidimensional nature of the Sun (had not really thought about the nature of the Sun much before this) and the true nature of the process we are undergoing. I also felt the consciousness of the higher dimensional Sun, which was very steady, comforting and wise. Like being at the feet of an ancient and great master.

I was also shown that the sun already exists at this higher dimensional level. The Sun’s light body is already fully formed and energetically stable. What is happening now is that the Sun is “docking” with its higher dimensional aspect, bring its light body into the here and now. At the physical level this process is being triggered by energies from the center of the Galaxy. Which in turn are being pulsed from the center of Creation. It is all connected. And as each level shifts, so does our Sun and so does our planet and so do we. There is more physics to our current consciousness process than meets the eye.

There shift is happening at all levels of being, both inner and outer. In truth there is no separation between these two processes, as all, including the physical, is energy. And all of the energy is shifting.

Whats happening now

So this was last year and the process continues. In fact its escalating. While we have been undergoing these shifts as humanity for several decades, we are now entering the peak of the shift. The energies are increasing and with step up, we are, like the Sun, activating more and more of our higher energy bodies into being. And the corresponding DNA to those energy bodies.

I have talked at length in previous articles about the release and challenge that can be encountered as we activate higher levels, so I will be brief and will refer you to prior writings on the topic here, but lets just summarize by saying that each time there is an energy step up, old baggage and blockages are brought to the surface. The more intense the energy and the faster and more intense this blockage releasing process gets. We are now entering a phase in which the energies are so intense that they are accelerating this release at an unprecedented rate and sometimes this can feel a bit much, even to the point of not being able to function some days. Take it easy when this happens and know that this too shall pass. It is intense, but it is a release process and once its done, you will feel your vibration rise quite dramatically. I was almost incapacitated between March and mid May, but I am now feeling the benefits of all the changes. Its good.

Shifts are happening at the physical level. Our physical bodies are changing and adapting, so that we can house all of this voltage. Our nervous systems, brains, meridians, chakras are all adapting to this higher stream of energy. My experience is that bodies are now starting to naturally detox, even in extreme ways. Liver and gallbladder and kidney are detoxing on their own, without being triggered by an intentional cleanse. This too is part of the process. Caring for and supporting the body is therefore becoming paramount. The more we prepare the body now, the more it will be able to handle the even more intense energies that will be coming in in the fall. Same goes for the emotional and karmic baggage.

The down side of this process is: its intense, our “stuff” comes at us relentlessly, there is hardly time to catch one’s breath. Its a bit hard on the body and it can make people testy – there is a lot of friction in the air. This energy has a strong fire component and nervous systems are heating up. People are irritated, tired, and have trigger tempers. The world at large is having really bad PMS ;-). Try to be patient and stay in the heart. If you end up blowing up, see if you can repair the damage. Apologies go a long way at this time in keeping one karmic slate clean – I have had to issue several of these myself. As does forgiveness towards those that lash out at us or step on our toes.

Earth Grumbles

Even the Earth is grumbling and her way of releasing is via quakes and storms. It was not widely publicized, but there was a day in April 2012, for example, in which there were quakes of a significant magnitude, simultaneously, all around the world. All the plates were active at this time, showing once again how this is a solar/global process, rather than a localized fault line deal. Quake activity has been up for several months now and my guess is that this too will continue for some time.

The up side of this process. The plus sides are many. From a soul perspective this is a great time to be alive as we are clearing out incredible amounts of old karma and have the opportunity for great shifts in personal vibration and growth. Souls like that ;-) That is after all why Souls incarnate in a body in the first place. We incarnate to grow. The Secret will tall you that we incarnate to manifest. That’s not the case. When we die we cant take anything with us but the growth we experienced and the consciousness, we have acquired. All of the “things” stay behind. You do the math on what is a priority.

So there you have it …intensity and rumbles, toasted nervous systems, quaky Earth, solar shifts, big leaps in consciousness. That pretty much sums it up. Its a birthing process and we are still in the birth canal. But we will be born eventually and it will be great :-).

In closing remember, between upgrades and challenges, it is all about the love. It is all about the beauty. The beauty of the heart. As we align with doorway to the Soul plane, may we be reminded of the infinite power of love…The power to witness, to transform and to heal … ♥♥♥

May humanity return to love and heal all the last cracks within its broken heart, as we come into wholeness, discarding all that is not what is to be… May we blossom into the radiance of beaming stars ♥

Each one of us, a star, we are born from the mind of creation, traveling the path to the heart. May we be blessed as we gently, and together, journey home ♥♥♥

Much love to you all…

Katie plus Councils

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