The Cardinal Grand Cross and the First Wave

Solar Earth transmissionFor a few years now I have been talking and writing about the Pluto-Uranus square. The two planetary giants have been and still are generating a potent crucible for change, through an interesting dynamic pull between authority gone wild and rebellion on fire, as they face off in the cardinal signs Capricorn and Aries.

Pluto and Uranus have been coming together repeatedly during the past few years in a creative clash. Pluto, lord of the underworld, ruler of power and distortion healer, deeply transformative and foreboding energy, has been locking horns with the mold breaking and rebellious Uranus, a planet that creates change through sudden bursts of energy, breaking things apart, breaking away from the old and outmoded, and which acts like a lightning bolt, sudden and shocking.

Pluto the Grand Intensifier

Both these planets are about transformation, with their own unique style in imploding systems and revamping the status quo. Pluto intensifies energies, until the shadow aspects of being become so blatant, that they can no longer be denied. Under Pluto’s influence, issues intensify and magnify until they have to be dealt with, healed and resolved. It is particularly interested in bringing to light our relationship with will and power and all the uncomfortable things that we tuck away and hide. Pluto is the grand uncoverer and healer of the shadow aspects of self and being.

Plutonian energy brings the dirt of our psyches, individual and collective to the surface, like a puss-filled boil. It looks ugly at first, but eventually the boil pops, the inner poison is released and all becomes clearer than it was before. With the poison ejected from the system, all can begin anew, with the added bonus of the integrated knowledge of the experience. In this sense Pluto is about Death and Rebirth. Plutonian transformations are ultimately aboutpurification through a mechanism of intensification and expulsion of dark matter, both at the psychic and spiritual levels of being. In the best of cases, it is also about realigning the first ray of power with its true original creative and divine purpose: power not as abuse and manipulation, but as potency of directed will at the service of life affirming creation.

Uranus the Grand Reality Breaker

Uranus instead brings about transformation through breaking patterns, breaking energies, breaking stagnancies and injecting its own brand of new into the picture. Uranus often operates in very speedy and abrupt ways, in one swift and sometimes merciless instantaneous motion. It revitalizes systems by breaking them up and shocking them into new realities. It forces us to quickly shed whatever is old that keep us stuck. Uranian transformations are all about evolution, revolution and moving forward, fast. And about sudden and sometimes jolting jagged angles that birth the new.As Leonard Cohen says, we need the cracks, so the light can come in. Uranus is the cosmic crack maker through which creation bursts break through into being.

The combo of Plutonian and Uranian energy and their current clashing dance is life changing both at the personal and collective levels. For the past two to three years and for two more years to come we have and will continue to be cracked open, purged and reborn. Sometimes the process is fun, sometimes not, but it is definitely profound. A once in a life time rollercoaster ride, which we may even learn to enjoy, as more of our original light comes online with each shedding. We are becoming more and more unhindered and baggage free, as we peel away and complete layers and layers of karmic story.

Our multidimensional being, our records and DNA are also purging and rebooting. All the broken codes are coming back online, our true selves ready to descend and open, in their full energetic glory. The damage of the past is repaired, all perpetrators forgiven, including ourselves. We are becoming pure vessels of Soul with each turn of the cosmic clock. We are getting polished at every level, as the cosmos carves the inner jewels from our base matter. And the more we are carved and polished, the more we shine.

The Cardinal Grand Cross: the Grand New Reality Maker

As of this year we have other players joining this planetary clash, with Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Cancer, and on and off Venus in Capricorn, all also in the middle cardinal signs. This is creating a grand cross in the sky, with two to five planets coming in and out of the grand cross configuration for the first part of this year. This adds another layer to the Pluto Uranus experience that has to do with how we do love, relationships, values, conflict with loved ones. It is also about how we rebalance and close out our Soul to Soul karma. Many relationships will either die or be reborn at a new level during this time. Expect the full gamut from conflicts and break ups, to engagements and marriages to take place during these next few months. Unions and re-unions will be occurring now especially between so called “divine mates”. Soul-buddies with big soul contracts, who have been hanging with each other lifetime after lifetime, have an opportunity to come together now, if all the karmic homework has been completed on all sides.

Big rewards to clearing core karma at this time, whether in a relationship or not, as many lifetimes are now wrapping up for several groups of souls. We are stepping through the first doorways that are opening now, into new levels of being that have not been available in this Earth realm for many eons of time, if not ever. Some Souls get to make this leap together, as a group, and then anchor energy from the other side of the doorway for others to follow. Or it least this is the vision I have been shown.

The first intense peak of these energies and doorway openings has already occurred throughout January and will peak again, with even more intensity around April 20th-25th.Then Mars and Jupiter will gradually move forward in the cardinal degrees and separate from Pluto Uranus as the months roll ahead, towards the middle of the year. However the Pluto Uranus square will reconvene again in December 2014. Alongside the cardinal crosses and squares, Neptune continues its journey into Pisces and Saturn its journey into Scorpio. Neptune is strong in its own sign, Pisces, giving healing and spiritual oversight over the whole process, but also helping us to release a lot of illusions and well as emotional grief. Maybe because Chiron, the wounded healer, is also in Pisces at this time, grief release seems to have been an ongoing theme for the past year or two, alongside all the intense challenges. Our inner waters are cleansing too: all the inner child pain, the pain of incarnation and separation, the pain of all hurts and traumas, all is emptying from the inner cups, so that they may be refilled with whatever we choose to create next, in our new cycle of being.

Saturn in Scorpio on Neptune in Scorpio -A generation faces self and takes spiritual responsibility

Saturn is in Scorpio during this year and is an interesting energy for us to deal with too and especially for those of my generation who have Neptune in Scorpio natally. Many of my mid sixties-born contemporaries are currently experiencing a Saturn on Neptune transit, including myself. Saturn in Scorpio, especially when coupled with Neptune in Scorpio and twelfth house matters, seems to be about days of reckoning, tough spiritual love, spiritual discipline, getting to the core of the growth process, beyond fluff and glamor and into the real nitty-gritty of what it means to be spirit and love in action.

Saturn/Neptune in Scorpio combined are about a spirituality that is not just in words, but which includes taking responsibility for all actions/ intent present and past and cleaning them up.. It’s about no nonsense spirituality. Even old fashioned notions, such as repentance and forgiveness, may be up for processing at this time.

We have been conditioned lately via new age teachings to feel that there is no place for remorse and guilt in our growth process. And while these are very negative energies to hold onto beyond a few moments, they do serve a purpose. Their purpose is to alert us as to when we have dropped of our own soul’s path and drifted from our true north, both as far as our own selves and personal direction, as well as far as the way in which we treat others. If the people behind Monsanto experienced guilt , they could not do what they do. Their conscience would not allow it. And this is why one of the elite’s yearly rituals is the Cremation of Care. Empathy, caring and the guilt/shame emotional feedback loop resulting from service to self deeds at the detriment of others would make it otherwise impossible to act in non-life aligned ways. To be truly a service to self being therefore care needs to be sacrificed.

One of the signature traits of narcissism and psychopathy is the lack of care and feedback loops such as remorse. There is therefore a place for feeling bad about stuff, it’s called having a conscience. And if one listens to that conscience, and self corrects, one can quickly release the feeling bad factor and begin anew. Saturn in Scorpio is all about unearthing the shadow deeds from the vaults of time and from the Akashic records both, so that they can be seen, owned, released and healed. Owing the shadow deeds is not about self-punishment, but about breaking out of denial and accepting responsibility in a way that leads to true change. As you can see this is a time of dramatic purging for all.

The Galactic Solar Shift and The First Wave

Astrology aside, this is also a pivotal time in the Galactic-Solar Shift. It seems that the process that many refer to as ascension, the process via which we have the opportunity to shift in consciousness to other dimensional planes of experience, has not only been gathering momentum, but has began its first wave of opening and closing of doorways. Much information has been coming through in the past few weeks about the fact that we are indeed in the process of getting on a bus to somewhere energetically new and that during the next few years there will be many doorways and windows opening, allowing for further new reality bridging. Doorways to new awareness and new levels of being within ourselves and the way we experience the world.

There are many vibrational levels on which we can exist and many Earths corresponding to each level, each on its own vibrational plane. As we shift higher in vibration, we lock with other higher vibrating Earth realities. And once our vibrations stabilize we permanently lock into and anchor into a dominant experience of being. It’s not the new Earth that is here, but rather it is us that have arrived at a inner vibrational threshold which opens the gateways to a new experience of the same Earth on a different dimensional plane.

For the past few years we have been wobbling between different dimensional realities of Earth experience, as we also wobble between different dimensional realities of our own inner being, blinking in and out of high consciousness. As we rise and stabilize into the high vibrational streams (and clearing and releasing of baggage is required to achieve this), we are docking into the new realities in more stable ways.

Walking through the doorways occurs when our new permanent energetic anchor point shifts to the higher vibrating Earth and we leave the old realities behind. We can still see them, but our inner experience resides elsewhere. Eventually, some years from now, I am shown that we will move off the node. At that point, the different Earth realities will begin to truly separate. We will not only be fully anchored in a different experience, but we will also be vibrationally separated to the point that we won’t even be able to witness what has been left behind.

I have been shown that there are seven waves of doorway crossing of which the first one is now completed. If you have crossed this energy threshold, you may actually know this intuitively, as things will look the same but feel different. The first group of Souls has crossed, but there will be six more opportunities for groups of Souls to follow, until we exit the nodal point between realities. This all sounds very far fetched, I know, but this is what myself and other people I am connected to see.

There really is a Galactic Solar acceleration process going on of large magnitude, what in the Law of One was described as The Harvest, and we are smack bang in the middle of it, right now.

The good news about this transition is that manifestation and synchronicities are also accelerating for those that are successfully participating in this process. It seems that the new Earth reality, or should we say the higher vibrational consciousness that allows access to it, is a place in which consciousness and manifestation move much faster and more effectively than we are used to, provided that we are clear about what we are doing and shadow free. This is also one of the reasons for which we have been guided to clear our stuff exceptionally well, as you do not really want to land in this zone, manifesting a bunch of blockages and darkness. Not that this is possible anyway. If on the other hand you have not yet crossed into this zone all the way and are still blinking in and out, this is a time to do your Soul homework. Clean up your stuff, karma present and past. The energies are very supportive of all clean up operations at this time. Sometimes, if we like it or not ;-)

The reward, however, is a bright and shiny new energetic experience :-)

So, as usual, hold your hats, as its going to be a fast and exhilarating ride… go with what presents itself, don’t fight it and you may end up enjoying the process, as the potential for big shifts is huge for those who dare to shed it all ….

May you walk in Beauty across all doorways and thresholds :-)

Big love



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