Estrogen Dominance: A World Problem

Estrogen dominance reeks havoc in women’s bodies of all ages. There is epidemic now of infertility, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, fibroids, breast fibrosis, early menopause and even secondary hypothyroidism caused by excess estrogen and under-functioning thyroids and adrenals (and the three are often linked).

Estrogen dominance is not just a problem for women. Our current world is flooded with estrogen mimics and now boys are feminized as a result of that. Sometimes men can be estrogen dominant too and need progesterone to balance out the xeno-estrogens.

Xeno-estrogens: oil byproducts, plastics, growth hormone, fertilizers and pesticides and a host of other chemicals – very important to be aware of cures but also of causes.

There are hormonally active toxins in our environment that are as damaging and health destroying as carcinogens. They dont kill you necessarily, but destroy your quality of life. There is no quality of life when hormones are disrupted. Especially for women. Chronic fatigue, inflammatory issues, fibromyalgia , etc all a gift of our hormonally toxic environment.


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